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Mobile eSIM Specific Terms & Conditions

These Mobile eSIM Specific Terms & Conditions apply in addition to the Mobile General Terms & Conditions and the Mobile Services Specific Terms & Conditions, and set out the basis of your purchase and the use of our mobile Services via eSIM. Please read these Mobile eSIM Terms & Conditions carefully, as you agree to be bound by them. In the case of any conflict or inconsistency between these eSIM Specific Terms & Conditions and the Mobile General Terms & Conditions or the Mobile Services Specific Terms & Conditions, these eSIM Specific Terms & Conditions shall prevail. The order of precedence in this Agreement shall be in accordance with Clause 1.2 of the Mobile General Terms & Conditions.

1. Definitions


Definitions: Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms used in these eSIM Terms & Conditions of Sale shall have the same meaning as given to them in the Mobile General Terms & Conditions and/or Mobile Services Specific Terms & Conditions. Please read these eSIM Terms & Conditions carefully, as you agree to be bound by them when you purchase any mobile Service with eSIM from us. In addition, in these eSIM Terms & Conditions of Sale, these terms shall mean the following:


eSIM: Embedded Subscriber Identity Module.


eSIM QR Code: QR code for installation of eSIM profile in a compatible device.


eSIM Profile: Virtual profile that stores users’ subscription and network settings, which allows users to connect to MyRepublic’s mobile network.



2. Eligibility


2.1 Both new and existing mobile customers of MyRepublic may sign up for eSIM on any MyRepublic mobile plan. Customers must select eSIM instead of physical SIM in their Application in order to be issued with an eSIM.


2.2 At the moment, physical SIM cards and eSIMs are not interchangeable. This means that existing users may not convert their physical SIM cards to eSIM, and vice versa.


2.3 Mobile lines using eSIM will count toward the maximum number of mobile lines that a subscriber may hold with MyRepublic, which may vary from person to person depending on a variety of factors such as the individual’s credit rating.


2.4 MyRepublic’s determination of eligibility for mobile Services sign-ups shall be final.



3. Application for eSIM


3.1 Applications for eSIM may be made online via MyRepublic Website.


3.2 As part of the Application process, users will need to consent to the release of their personal information via Singpass MyInfo, for MyRepublic to perform verification and other necessary checks in order to issue the eSIM. By proceeding with the Application, users consent to MyRepublic obtaining the required information from the relevant authorities via Singpass MyInfo to process the Application and, if the Application is approved, to issue the eSIM. Users who are not enrolled in (or do not wish to use) Singpass MyInfo may opt for physical SIM card delivery instead.


3.3 Users are solely responsible for the accuracy of their order, as reflected in their Application. Once the order has been accepted by MyRepublic, no cancellation, refunds or changes will be permitted.



4. Delivery of eSIM


4.1 Upon successful registration and payment via our Order Portal, the eSIM QR Code will be sent to the user’s email address.


4.2 Service Commencement shall begin (and the billing cycle shall commence) upon delivery of the eSIM QR code to the customer’s registered email address, as indicated in the Application.



5. Installation of eSIM (via QR Code) and Applicable Charges


5.1 Users will have to install their eSIM via their eSIM-compatible mobile devices. A list of such devices is available on the Website (the link is available at Clause 8 below), and MyRepublic shall not be liable for any degraded functionality or non-functionality of the eSIM whatsoever due to the use of a non-eSIM-compatible device.


5.2 Users are advised to scan the QR Code using their devices to download MyRepublic’s eSIM profile and activate the eSIM according to the instructions provided, immediately upon receiving the eSIM QR code.


5.3 Each user is given 2 free downloads of the eSIM profile. Charges (as set out in Clause 7 below) will apply for each subsequent download after the 2 free downloads have been utilised.


5.4 There is a limit of 4 successful installations per eSIM. If a user has maxed out the number of installations allowed for an eSIM, an eSIM replacement will be required and the respective charges set out in Clause 7 shall apply. eSIM profile download charges will also apply where applicable (i.e. for the 3rd and each subsequent download of the eSIM profile for each mobile line).


5.5 For the avoidance of doubt, each installation of an eSIM profile counts as a new installation, and also counts towards the limit of 4 successful installations per eSIM.



6. Usage of eSIM


6.1 Each eSIM only supports one (1) device at any given time, and is linked to the device once the eSIM profile is downloaded onto a compatible device.


6.2 If a current eSIM user would like to use the eSIM on another compatible device (including a replacement device), the user will have to remove the eSIM profile on their current device and install it on the desired device. eSIM profile download charges (for downloading onto the desired device) will apply accordingly if the user has already utilised the initial two free downloads for that eSIM.


6.3 A user shall be solely responsible for the use of all eSIMs registered under their account and all applicable Charges in relation thereto, in the same manner as one would be in the case of a physical SIM card. Such Charges may include, but are not limited to, monthly subscription charges, excess usage charges, suspension charges, Service reconnection charges, etc.



7. Charges






eSIM Registration


This Charge may, at our discretion, be waived during promotions that we may run from time to time

eSIM Profile Download

Free for first 2 downloads on each mobile line; S$3.27 for each subsequent download


eSIM Replacement






8. eSIM Compatible device list


The list of eSIM-compatible devices can be accessed at



© MyRepublic Limited – Mobile eSIM Specific Terms & Conditions (1 Jan 2024)