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Terms and Policies

Legal > Mobile > Mobile Services Specific Terms and Conditions

Mobile Services Specific Terms and Conditions

These Mobile Services Specific Terms & Conditions apply in addition to the Mobile Services General Terms & Conditions and set out the basis on which we will provide mobile products and services to you. Please read these Mobile Services Specific Terms & Conditions carefully, as you agree to be bound by them. The order of precedence in this Agreement shall be in accordance with Clause 1.2 of the Mobile General Terms & Conditions.

Charges for the respective Services below are listed on our Website. One-time charges for the Services are listed at



1. Definitions


1.1.   Definitions: Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms used in these Mobile Services Terms & Conditions have the same meaning as given to them in the Mobile General Terms & Conditions. In addition, in these Mobile Services Terms & Conditions, these words and phrases shall have the following meanings:


Data Roaming Boosters: features and services that we may offer to enable international data roaming to you.


IDD Services: International calls or SMS services.


Port-In Service: a service provided by us to allow you to transfer your existing non-MyRepublic post-paid mobile number obtained from your current mobile service provider to our Services.


Special Number: any mobile numbers designated by us as premium numbers.


5G Service: a service which enables mobile data access on MyRepublic’s 5G SA network.



2. Mobile Numbers


2.1.   Any mobile numbers allocated to you must be used in your personal and non-commercial capacity. Mobile numbers allocated to you must not be sold, transferred, or offered in any way to any Third Party without our written consent. Your failure to observe this Clause is a material breach of our Agreement, for which we are entitled to terminate our Agreement according to the terms of the Agreement.

2.2.   You do not acquire any rights nor ownership in the mobile numbers regardless of any payment you may have made to us for the mobile number. Any mobile number assigned is the property of the relevant regulatory authorities.

2.3.   We may alter or reallocated mobile numbers if required by the relevant regulatory authorities, but we will provide reasonable notice to you on the alteration or relocation of mobile numbers, if permitted by law.

2.4.   We further reserve our rights to withdraw any mobile numbers allocated to you as a result of your breach or non-compliance with our Agreement.


3. Port-In Service


3.1   If you use our Port-In Service, you hereby agree to the release of all relevant information (that you have provided to us) to a Third Party central number portability service provider, or your existing mobile service provider, as applicable, for the purpose of activating this Port-In Service.

3.2   Upon commencement of Port-In Service, your existing contract with your current mobile service provider shall automatically terminate without prejudice to your current mobile service provider’s existing rights. You agree that you are responsible for resolving with your current mobile service provider any issues arising from your request to port-in, including but not limited to all outstanding charges and early termination fees, until successful completion of the Port-In Service.

3.3   Your Service Commitment period shall begin on the date you activate your SIM card, or in the case of eSIM, the date on which we send you the QR code for installation of your eSIM.

3.4   If your Port-In Service request is rejected by us for any reason, you must resolve any issues related to the rejection with your current mobile service provider.

3.5   We shall not be liable for any losses or damages you may incur or sustain arising from any delay or failure of the Port-In Service.

4. International Roaming Service


4.1  Where desired, you may to activate international roaming services through MyRepublic App, Website or our customer service. After activation, you must log on to our designated preferred roaming carriers outside Singapore.

4.2   All incoming and outgoing voice calls and SMSes are subject to international roaming charges, including, without limitation, toll-free numbers, unless otherwise stated. International roaming rates will apply for any voice call or SMS usage incurred outside Singapore even if unsuccessfully transmitted to the intended recipient. Use of the Services when roaming is dependent on the roaming carrier’s support of applicable network technology and functionality.

4.3   We may, in our discretion, limit the amount of roaming usage for mobile, data, or both.

4.4   Charges applicable for usage of any voice call or SMS services when roaming shall be calculated based on records provided to us by the roaming carrier and may occasionally be delayed. Such usage Charges may appear in a later Billing Cycle. Records by our roaming carriers shall be deemed conclusive evidence of your record of use.

4.5   Your information may be provided to our partner carrier(s) to facilitate your use of roaming services.

4.6   Data and connection speeds when roaming overseas depend on the network you are connected to, and 4G network speeds may not always be available. We are not responsible for the speeds or coverage outside Singapore. In Singapore, your speed and coverage may vary depending on your location, weather conditions and other factors.


5. Voice Calls, SMS and Data Services


5.1   Airtime charges will apply for incoming calls to voicemail and retrieving voicemail messages.

5.2   We may place a credit limit on call and data charges (including calls made when you are roaming) incurred under your Account. Services may be suspended if you do not pay your invoices on time or if the credit limit has been exceeded.

5.3   IDD Services will be charged at rates published on our Website from time to time.

5.4   We do not offer services such as Caller Number Non-Display, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Premium Rate Services (e.g. 1900 prefix), 3G Video Call and alternative 3rd Party IDD call options.


6. Special Number Services


6.1   This Clause 6 applies to Special Numbers.

6.2   We may publish a list of Special Numbers on MyRepublic App or Website from time to time that you may apply for. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the Special Numbers without prior notice and without any liability to you.

6.3   You may apply for any listed Special Number upon publication. We reserve the right to decline any application. In the event of a dispute, our decision whether or not to allocate a specific mobile number to you shall be final and binding.

6.4   You may be immediately charged for your Special Number upon successful application or in your subsequent Billing Cycle invoice.

6.5   You do not acquire any rights nor ownership in the Special Number(s) regardless of any payment you may have made for the Special Number(s), including any payment made for the allocation of the Special Number(s) to you. Any mobile number assigned is the property of the relevant regulatory authorities.

6.6   We will endeavour to activate the Special Number within two (2) working days of your successful Application. You acknowledge that Special Numbers may be a mobile number previously allocated to another subscriber.

6.7   If you terminate your subscription to the Service(s) associated with a Special Number, or if we terminate the said Service(s) in accordance with our Agreement, you will no longer be able to use the Special Number and we may release the Special Number to the pool of mobile numbers available to the public.


7. 5G Service

7.1   Customers who sign up to MyRepublic’s 5G Mobile Plan can enjoy the 5G Service by default at no extra cost.

7.2   In order for you to enjoy MyRepublic’s 5G Service, you must:

        (a) use handsets that are approved by MyRepublic for the 5G Service, available here (“5G Approved Handsets”);

        (b) install any necessary software updates on the 5G Approved Handsets;

        (c) be subscribed to any of MyRepublic’s 5G Mobile Plans; and

        (d) be within MyRepublic’s 5G coverage area.

7.3   MyRepublic may provide, on its website, information on the 5G coverage area and 5G Approved Handsets. Such information (including the list of 5G Approved Handsets) and website may be changed from time to time.

7.4   5G SIM:

        (a) Customers who sign up on eligible 5G plans will receive a new MyRepublic 5G Physical SIM card or eSIM;

        (b) Existing customers who upgrade their 4G plan to an eligible 5G plan will receive a new MyRepublic 5G Physical SIM card or eSIM;

        (c) SIM card charge and eSIM fee (for first 2 profile download) will be waived for new sign-ups and 4G to 5G plan upgrades;

        (d) A compatible device is required to enjoy 5G eSIM, available here.

7.5   All 5G mobile lines signed up under the same NRIC/FIN number will be consolidated under the same customer account, billing account, payment method and contact information. Any subsequent 5G mobile lines will be billed in accordance with the billing cycle of the first 5G mobile line subscription.

7.6   By signing up for a MyRepublic 5G mobile plan, you allow us to grant StarHub Ltd and/or its affiliated entities (“StarHub”) all necessary access to receive, use and process your personal details (as needed) in order for StarHub to monitor both our and your performance and compliance with the terms of our agreement with StarHub, in fulfilment of our contractual obligations to StarHub. For the avoidance of doubt, StarHub will not contact you directly for any up-selling of StarHub’s services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of a regulatory requirement for any lawful interception, you agree that StarHub shall be entitled to access, receive, process and use your personal data in order to perform any and all lawful interceptions. 

7.7 You must not:

        (a) Re-sell the 5G Service in any way; or

        (b) Access or use the 5G Service using a device that is not approved by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore, or the relevant standards authority in Singapore.

These prohibitions apply in addition to the prohibitions set out in the Mobile General Terms & Conditions, as well as any other applicable terms and conditions as published at or in any service agreement between you and us, or as made known to you by us.

7.8 MyRepublic reserves the right to suspend or terminate the supply of the 5G Service (or any other Services that we provide) to you if you are in breach of your obligations to us (including but not limited to payment obligations) and/or any applicable laws and regulations, or fail to comply with any applicable prohibitions (including those set out in Clause 7.7 above).

7.9 MyRepublic’s prevailing Mobile General Terms and Conditions, applicable Service Specific Terms and Conditions (available at, and the Service Agreement shall apply. MyRepublic may amend the applicable terms and conditions from time to time, without prior notice. Please refer to for the latest terms and conditions.


© MyRepublic Limited – Mobile Services Specific Terms & Conditions (17 January 2023)