Extend your Business Reach

MyRepublic LTE Broadband is the ideal solution for remote offices, construction sites or standalone business kiosks.

Get the unparalleled flexibility and quick deployment of enterprise-grade 4G LTE connectivity with MyRepublic LTE Broadband.

Instant Connectivity with 4G LTE

Need Internet connectivity urgently for an event or simply can’t wait for fibre to be installed at your new site? MyRepublic LTE Broadband can provide you LTE connectivity within 3 business days.

No Minimum Contract Length Required

We understand the need for businesses to remain flexible and cost-effective. With MyRepublic LTE Broadband, you are free to cancel the service when it is no longer required at no additional cost.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Data Plans

Choose to start with either a 50GB or 100GB data package powered by an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi router. Receive convenient early notifications before you exceed your data allocation.

End-to-End Professional Support

From on-site router installation by a team of professionals to pro-active performance monitoring, MyRepublic LTE Broadband gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business essentials.

Enterprise-Grade LTE Connectivity

LTE Broadband 50GB

LTE Broadband 100GB

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