Smarter Communication

Maintain your competitive edge with the low-capital, worry-free scalability and advanced communication features of MyRepublic Cloud PBX.

Your one-stop networking Solution

A fully managed cloud-based service, MyRepublic Cloud PBX delivers an easy-to-deploy, scalable and cost-effective telephony system to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

Low Upfront Investment and Operating Costs

Streamline in-house resources and ongoing maintenance costs. With MyRepublic Cloud PBX, your office telephone system is operated and maintained by MyRepublic without the need to purchase, install or maintain your own system on-site.

Geographical Flexibility and Scalability

Deploy MyRepublic PBX across several business sites quickly and scale up operations easily. New hosted phones can be installed with at the click of a few buttons, facilitating communication and collaboration.

Comprehensive Communication Features

MyRepublic Cloud PBX offers a comprehensive array of enterprise-level features including conference room calls, music on hold, call recording, call waiting, voicemail, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and unlimited internal extensions.

Fuss-Free Management and Tracking

Manage, monitor performance and make changes to your MyRepublic Cloud PBX system from anywhere that has an Internet connection. With an intuitive and use-friendly web interface, you can make use of MyRepublic Cloud PBX without needing specialised IT expertise.

Hosted PBX Features

  1. IVR
  2. Conference Room
  3. Custom MOH
  4. Hunt Group
  5. Queue
  6. Intercom
  7. External Number
  8. CallerID Black List
  9. Call Campaigns
  10. Voicemails
  11. Conduits

MyRepublic Cloud PBX Setup

Unlike traditional PBX systems that need to be installed and stored on site, MyRepublic Cloud PBX hosts and manages the phone system for you virtually. To access and control the features of your PBX all you need is a working Internet connection.

With the PBX technology hosted over the Internet, scaling and expanding your phone system is now incredibly convenient. Simply add another person to your account and give them Internet access.

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