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The #1 Broadband for Gaming

The original fibre broadband for gamers, MyRepublic GAMER features stable, lower latency connectivity for online gaming via optimised custom network routes. Gain access to exclusive gaming-related offers, the fastest game download speeds on Steam and real-time latency monitoring.

Custom Network Routing

MyRepublic GAMER’s network has its own dedicated IP address range, allowing our team of engineers to prioritise GAMER traffic and optimise the best custom routes to overseas game servers.

Live Latency Monitoring

Get real-time updates on server quality and network latency of your favourite games on our GAMER network. We monitor them so you don’t have to!

Ultra-Low Latency

Say hello to seamless and lag-free gaming. Over the years, MyRepublic has consistently ranked top for STEAM download speeds and lowest latency.

Live Latency Monitoring

Our Live Latency Tracking pings and captures latency on the MyRepublic GAMER network at any given moment. Select a game below and see.

Any games missing?

Designed for enhanced gaming experience

Experience ultra-fast speeds, lag-free gaming with our WiFi-6 Gaming Router bundles! Accelerated game traffic, better efficiency, and battle-ready hardware for ultimate performance.

Switch Up to GAMER and offset your monthly bills

Make the switch to MyRepublic GAMER broadband and get up to $240 credits for your early termination charge. The credits will be used to offset your monthly bills with MyRepublic.

Get the perfect GAMER plan

All plans include:

  • FREE Termination Point Installation (worth up to $160.50 For New Customers with No Prior TP)
  • FREE Home Phone Line with Unlimited Local Calls
  • FREE Service Installation Fee worth $53.50
  • $56.71 NLT Service Activation Fee applies

All plans include:

  • FREE Termination Point Installation (Worth up to $160.50 For New Customers with No Prior TP)
  • FREE: Home Phone Line with Unlimited Local Calls
  • $53.50 service installation fee
  • $56.71 NLT service activation fee


U.P. $69.99/mth


U.P. $69.99/mth
asus router ax11000


U.P $79.99/mth


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Submit Custom Routing Request

Is there a game whose latency you’re hoping we can help bring down? Fill in the information below and we will do our best to optimise our GAMER network’s routes. Do note that we can only do custom routing for games with dedicated servers — not games that are hosted on another user’s computer.