A New and Improved Refer-a-Friend Program

It’s time to
get real friendly.

Cover the cost of your bill

Earn up to $96 with every friend you refer to sign up for MyRepublic broadband.

Get 10% off with a friend's referral

Enjoy 10% off selected MyRepublic broadband plans when referred by a MyRepublic customer.

Take this relationship to the next level

Every referral gets you closer to bigger earnings

When you start out, every friend you refer earns you $2 every month over 24 months – a total of $48 per referral. So if you have 2 referrals, you’d get $2 x 2 or $4 per month for 24 months.

With 6 referrals, congratulations! You’re now in the first bonus tier and all your referrals each earn you $3 per month – that’s $18 per month.

That’s right: the tier bonus applies to all your active referrals in the month!

Greater Savings

Every referral gives you a stream of monthly credit over 24 months to offset your MyRepublic bills. More than enough credits? Redeem them for partner vouchers!

Unlimited Earnings

Keep on spreading the love! There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer and how much credit you can earn.

Open to All Customers

While referral credits only apply to new broadband sign-ups, both MyRepublic mobile and broadband customers can make referrals and earn!

How to Refer a Friend in 3 Steps

Give your friend your Customer ID and promo code ‘FWB’

Your MyRepublic Customer ID (e.g. C1XXXXXX) can be found in the monthly MyRepublic bill we email to you.

Alternatively, you may retrieve your unique referral link in MyAccount, under the Friends with Benefits Tab.

Your friend needs to enter your Customer ID and promo code when they sign up online

They must key in the promo code ‘FWB’ first to see the plans eligible for the 10% discount and then key in your Customer ID later in the “Referral Customer Subscription ID” field.

Get your referral credit once your friend’s service is installed

Your referral credit will appear in your MyRepublic account once your friend’s broadband service is installed these credits will be used to offset your MyRepublic bills!

Give your friend 10% off their MyRepublic broadband plan

By signing up with your Customer ID and our Friends with Benefits promo code (FWB), your friend gets 10% off the 24-month subscription of these selected plans:

TP-Link EC330 1Gbps at $37.79/mth
(U.P. $41.99/mth)

Google Nest Wifi 1Gbps at $50.39/mth
(U.P. $55.99/mth)

Dual 1Gbps x 2 at $53.99/mth
(U.P. $59.99/mth)

asus tuf ax3000

ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 Router GAMER 1Gbps at $52.19/mth
(U.P. $57.99/mth)


ASUS ROG GT-AX11000 Router GAMER 1Gbps at $59.39/mth
(U.P. $65.99/mth)

asus tuf ax3000

Dual GAMER 1Gbps x 2 at $59.39/mth
(U.P. $65.99/mth)

* Prices shown above are after 10% referral discount.


What's my Customer ID?

Your Customer ID can be found in your monthly MyRepublic bill, starting with C1XXXXXX. Alternatively, you can use your unique referral link to refer your friends. To do so, log in to MyAccount and go to the Friends with Benefits tab:

I'm a MyRepublic broadband and mobile customer, which account do my referral credits go to?

The account that receives the referral credits depends on the Customer ID (or referral link you copied from MyAccount) that you gave to your friend. Broadband and mobile MyRepublic accounts have their own Customer ID.

We suggest sticking to one single account as referrals across different accounts do not stack. This way you’ll be able to accumulate higher earnings faster.

What can I do with my referral credits?

The referral credits are used to cover the cost of your MyRepublic bill, which means savings over time. If the monthly credit you earn exceeds the cost of your MyRepublic bill, you can also redeem your accumulated unused credit for vouchers.

Is there an expiration date to my referral credits and where can I check it?

Any excess referral credits will automatically expire if not redeemed within 180 days from the last credit transaction into your referral account i.e. from the time you last received a referral credit. You may view your referral credit details in MyAccount.

What are the vouchers available for redemption? Is there an expiration date?

At present, you can redeem your referral credit for Lazada vouchers in multiples of S$40. 

Do I get referral credit if my friend signs up at a retail shop / with a MPP consultant?

No, our Friends with Benefits program only applies to online sign-ups i.e. sign-ups directly via the MyRepublic broadband website.

When will my referral credit(s) be given to me?

Your referral credits will come in 2 parts: the basic $2 credit per referral and then the bonus credit you get when you refer 6 or more friends.

The basic referral credit of $2 per month will be given after your friend’s broadband service is installed and they’ve paid first bill. This will vary based on your friends’ bill cycles.

Your bonus tier credits will be given on the 1st of the following month. For example:

  • If you have 6 active referrals (assuming they’ve paid their MyRepublic bills) on the last day of January, you will get $1 x 6 bonus credits on the 1st of February.
  • If you have 21 active referrals (assuming they’ve paid their MyRepublic bills) on the last day of March, you will get $2 x 21 bonus credit on the 1st of April.
Can I refer friends to sign up for MyRepublic mobile plans and earn referral credits?

Unfortunately no. For now, existing MyRepublic customers can earn referral credits by introducing interested new customers to sign-up for the following MyRepublic residential Fixed Broadband plans only:

  • 1Gbps TP-Link EC330 Router Bundle at $41.99/month (U.P. $49.99/mth) for 24 months
  • 1Gbps Deco M9 Plus Bundle at $50.99/month (U.P. $54.99/mth) for 24 months
  • 1Gbps Google Nest Wifi Bundle at $55.99/month (U.P. $56.99/mth) for 24 months
  • GAMER 1Gbps ASUS ROG GT-AC5300 Router Bundle at $59.99/month for 24 months
  • GAMER 1Gbps ASUS ROG GT-AX11000 Router Bundle at $63.99/month for 24 months
  • Dual Fibre Ultra Broadband at $59.99/month for 24 months
  • Dual Fibre GAMER Broadband at $65.99/mth (U.P. $69.99/month) for 24 months
How will I be notified for each successful referral?

You can track all your successful referrals in MyAccount.