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Why MyRepublic?


We are the champions for Speed. All our nbn™ plans are Unlimited, so you never have to worry about running out of data. Why would you want silly data caps or slower speeds than possible? Unlimited data, low monthly access and the fastest nbn™ Speed Tier available at your location (up to the nbn™ 100 Speed Tier – nominal access line speed).

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Santa has come early

Order the Gamer Pro plan on a 12-month term and receive Unlimited Super-Fast nbn™ and a $200 discount code for either the PlayStation® 4 Pro or PlayStation® VR. Terms and Condition apply.

#1 on Steam

Based on Steam average download rates, correct as at 13th November 2017.

Network Average Download Rate Steam Ranking
MyRepublic 36.3 Mbps Number 1
Wideband Networks Pty Ltd 26.3 Mbps Number 2
Optus 14.5 Mbps Number 3
iiNET 12.7 Mbps Number 4
Telstra 12.4 Mbps Number 5
Exetel 12.4 Mbps Number 6
Primus Telecommunications 11 Mbps Number 7
TPG Internet 9.9 Mbps Number 8
Foxtel 8 Mbps Number 9
Dodo Australia 6.1 Mbps Number 10

Why does nbn™ speed matter?

The higher the speed the more you and your household can do. Whether it’s downloading large files, online gaming, working from home, or just having multiple people connected at once – Faster speeds provide more bandwidth to go around and enhances your online experience. Say goodbye to teenage tantrums.

We get Gaming

Our Gamer Pro Plan provides you access to our network optimised for Gaming, Custom Routing and Static IP. Game On!

Network optimisation

We use our own web traffic priority system, which means that time sensitive applications like video streaming remain smooth while also remaining flexible for heavy downloading scenarios. To help you experience everything nbn™ has to offer, we provision MyRepublic nbn™ customers on the fastest nbn™ Speed Tier available at their location- up to the nbn™ 100 Speed Tier (nominal access line speed). You can receive speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload nominal nbn™ nominal access line speed.
This depends on your location, actual speeds may be slower than nominal access line speed and can vary due to a range of factors.

What does ‘Fastest nbn™ Speed’ mean?

nbn™ is delivered over different technology types –  depending on your location and which nbn™ technology connects to your house.  99% of MyRepublic nbn™ customers are provisioned on the nbn™ 100 speed tier*.
*nbn™ speed tiers refer to nominal access line speed (not actual download speeds achievable) and the fastest available speed tier depends on your location.

Petition for affordable Ultra-Fast Internet

Australia, do you want access to affordable speeds of up to 1Gbps?


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