Connecting you with the World

For businesses who need multiple channels and DDI numbers, SIP Trunking offers a cost-effective, scalable and reliable solution.

The Best of Both Business-Grade Voice and Connectivity

SIP Trunking converges voice and data services on a single network, allowing even small businesses to get better value out of using SIP Trunking solutions for multiple business fixed lines.

Additional Usability with Value-Added Services

MyRepublic SIP Trunking also offers useful add-on features such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Private Numbers.

Instant Cost Savings with Local Outgoing Rates from 0.75¢/min

Achieve high-quality, cost-effective digital voice communications at highly competitive local and IDD rates.

Easy Migration with Number Porting Available

With number portability, keep your existing business phone numbers when switching over to MyRepublic SIP Trunking.

Starting with 5 Channels, Scale Up Quickly and Easily

Start with 5 channels that support up to 330 Direct Dial In numbers (DDIs). Easily scale up to 30 channels with thousands of DDIs.

Complete Solutions and Custom Setup for New Users

Unfamiliar with SIP Trunking hardware requirements? Contact Us and we will be happy to arrange for a solution provider.

Enjoy Extra Savings with Bulk Usage Discounts

Save more with 5% discount off your usage bill with every $500 usage accumulated, with up to 15% off.

How SIP Trunking Compares to Traditional ISDN

  ISDN SIP Trunking
Implementation Lead Time 3 weeks 2 days
Scalability Less flexible. Demand needs to be estimated and lines ordered weeks in advance Very flexible & convenient. Lines can be added quickly when the need arises
Network Separate networks for voice and data Single converged network with the option of separate network
Disaster Recovery Requires redundant circuits Easy implemented re-routing ensures business continuity
Relocating Phone Numbers Numbers need to be ported when relocating As number resides in the IP-PBX, no extra work is needed

Impressive Savings with MyRepublic’s Leading SIP Trunking Voice Rates

Destination M1 021 StarHub 018 SingTel 019 MyRepublic 1550
China – Fixed 0.60 0.19 0.25 0.06
China – Mobile 0.60 0.20 0.26 0.06
India – Fixed 0.98 0.80 0.85 0.06
India – Mobile 0.98 0.84 0.89 0.06
Japan – Fixed 0.42 0.33 0.35 0.09
Japan – Mobile 0.42 0.33 0.39 0.20
Hong Kong – Fixed 0.34 0.22 0.25 0.06
Hong Kong – Mobile 0.34 0.22 0.28 0.09

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