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Roam Like Home

Staying connected overseas is now as affordable and worry-free as making calls at home

Roaming calls at local rates
with the MyRepublic Talk App

Say goodbye to expensive roaming IDD rates with the free MyRepublic Talk app.
Connect your MyRepublic Mobile number to the app when you travel and enjoy incredible savings!
No extra charges for incoming roaming calls

Never worry about receiving calls from home while travelling. All incoming calls are deducted from the minutes included with all MyRepublic Mobile plans.

Roaming calls to Singapore at just 5¢/min

Stay connected with home as calls to Singapore using the MyRepublic Talk app are charged at only 5¢/minute – 95% cheaper than typical roaming IDD rates.

Roaming calls to other countries from 6¢/min

With MyRepublic Talk, calls made while overseas to non-Singapore countries are charged as much as fixed home line calls – as low as 6¢/min!

No bill shock

Traditional roaming plans can be frightfully expensive, and you can get quite a shock when you finally receive your roaming bill.

We believe you should know what you’re getting. That’s why we don’t have pay-as-you-go charges: you won’t be charged for more what you choose to spend.

Easy to use

Simply activate roaming via the MyRepublic app and get the Roaming Data Booster you need instantly.
If you’re a frequent traveller, we’ve got monthly Add-ons, available at the same cost.

Roam Like Home – Essential

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong

2 GB

500 MB



Roam Like Home – Neighbours

Malaysia, Indonesia

1 GB



Roam Like Home – Pacific

Australia, New Zealand

1 GB



Roam Like Home – Popular Asia

China, Macau, South Korea, Japan
1 GB



Roam Like Home – Emerging Asia
India, Myanmar, Vietnam

500 MB


Roam Like Home – Canada & USA
Canada, USA
1 GB


100 MB




Roam Like Home – Europe

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK
1 GB


100 MB




  • Roaming Data Boosters are valid for 30 days after purchase. Recurring Add-ons are automatically renew monthly.
  • For the list of supported roaming partners, refer here
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