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Remote Voice Solutions for Business Continuity

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For a complete, centrally managed networking solution designed for the retail, F&B and hospitality industries

Connect your business with secure and fast L2VPN

Our private network solution connects multi-site businesses with the highest standards of stability, speed and security.

Giving WiFi to your customers has never been more simple

MyRepublic Managed WiFi provides always-on wireless connectivity with end-to-end support.

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We can help recommend the best products and services for your business based on your needs.

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From powerful yet easy-to-use managed services to enterprise-grade network solutions, MyRepublic provides businesses digital tools that enhance cost-effectiveness, performance and productivity.
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Free Connectivity Audit

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, starting with a free connectivity assessment.
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Every customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager with expertise in your relevant industry.
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Digital Connectivity Experts

How well is your business using the latest technology? How can you work smarter? We’ll be happy to show you.
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Customised Solutions

No one solution fits all businesses. We provide customised solutions to fit your needs and help you succeed.

Trusted by thousands

I am very happy with the service of MyRepublic. They are a nice bunch of people and the engineers were very helpful setting up the links. Quality of the bandwidth is extremely good.”

-Aglow Alicom Pte Ltd

Trusted by thousands

“We were tasked with setting up remote work sites for our business needs. We reached out to all the big players in the market with our requirements, but their responses proved disappointing – until we met with a MyRepublic Account Manager who provided great service. Within a short span of nine months, we were able to secure all of our remote site operations, for both activation and relocation. In terms of order fulfilment and level of service, MyRepublic satisfied our business needs. We look forward to future collaborations with MyRepublic!”

– CapitaLand Limited

Trusted by thousands

“Our fibre broadband connection at the office is the fastest I’ve ever experienced. The key advantage from my point of view is reliability. This is especially critical for an Internet-based business like mine and gives me great ease of mind. I would recommend MyRepublic to anyone in need of a fast, reliable connection for their business.”

– Minitheory Pte Ptd

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What is the best fibre broadband internet for businesses in Singapore?

No one can truly claim to be #1, but MyRepublic is widely considered to be among the top providers for high speed fibre broadband internet for businesses in Singapore. We got our start in providing the best in internet for gaming and extended this concept to our business customers as well.

Providing best in class service and internet speed

Downtime isn’t conducive to running a results-orientated business. Every minute down means dollars down the drain and we understand this. This is why we offer a 99.95% uptime service level agreement to all of our business internet customers. Our team of support experts are on hand to make sure your internet connection is running at optimal levels, for example, helping to resolve any interference that may be generated from competing wifi signals.

Award winning fibre broadband internet

Still looking for reasons why MyRepublic may be the best fibre broadband internet provider in Singapore? Being rated number one for Steam download speeds, number one for Netflix streaming speed, and HardwareZone’s user’s choice for best MVNO all point in MyRepublic’s direction. However, seeing is believing – try out our internet services today and see why MyRepublic has become a go-to choice for Singaporean businesses looking to have fast, reliable internet for their business at a great price.

Plenty making the switch to a right-sized fibre broadband internet provider

MyRepublic has prided itself on being a ‘right-sized’ fibre broadband internet provider for businesses in Singapore. Our size leaves us agile enough to empower small and medium sized businesses while being large enough to service Enterprise-sized organizations. See how MyRepublic Business Solutions can help supercharge your business with a free connectivity audit today.