Terms and Policies
+1Gbps Add-on Terms & Conditions
  • The +1Gbps Addon VAS is only available to customers on a MyRepublic residential fibre broadband plan and not on either the +1Gbps Addon VAS or the Dual Fibre plan.
  • Subscription for the +1Gbps Addon VAS is $15/month.
  • A one-time standard service activation charge of $10 will be charged upon activation of this VAS.
  • The monthly and one-time charges for the +1Gbps Addon VAS will be charged on the following monthly bill after activation of the service.
  • The +1Gbps Addon VAS will be terminated upon termination of the fibre broadband service the VAS is registered to.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Our Standard Promotion Terms & Conditions shall apply.
  • Our General Terms & Conditions shall apply.
  • Where there is any conflict or ambiguity between the various terms and conditions, a term contained in a document higher in the following list shall have priority over one contained in a document lower in the same list:
  1. These Terms & Conditions of Free Trial;
  2. The Standard Promotion Terms & Conditions; and
  3. The General Terms & Conditions