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Standard Promotion Terms & Conditions
  • Prices for Residential offers are inclusive of GST at 7% (subject to changes in prevailing GST rate).
  • Fibre-ready, type-approved residential gateway is required to access the Service.
  • Free wireless home gateway is NOT included unless otherwise specified for specific promotions.
  • Whether or not equipment is supplied together with the Service, such equipment is covered by the warranty provided by the relevant manufacturer, and MyRepublic will not be responsible for any defects in any such equipment.
  • Sign-ups are only valid for National Broadband fibre-ready premises. If your address status is classified by NetLink Trust as “Home Passed”, additional charges to install the TP will still apply.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all routers bundled in the promotion during sign-up will be supplied to you on an “as-is” basis to use with the Service. Ownership of the router supplied under the applicable promotions and any replacements thereof, remains with MyRepublic for the duration of your subscription. Upon termination of the Service, we may request that you return the router with all its related accessories within 30 days from the date of termination at your own cost and expense.
  • In order for us to assist you with any issues arising from your use of the router, you must comply with our standard troubleshooting process, and if required by us, you must provide us access to both the router and its app, including but not limited to the visibility of any information within the router or its app.
  • If the router is found to be defective during your minimum subscription period, we will replace the router only after you have returned the router to us with all its related accessories. You must pay for the replacement charges if the router is damaged or misused due to your acts or omissions. The router will be considered damaged or misused such as the following: missing power pack, missing cables, missing or dislodged components or parts, water damage, dirt, dust, debris, disfigured, marked or foreign matter. We will only provide one replacement for each router under this promotion, with a model at our sole discretion. You will be charged for each subsequent replacement.
  • We reset all routers to factory defaults before being shipped to customers, to erase any settings that you may have saved on your router. In order to prevent misuse of any data, including personal data, that you may have stored in the router, we strongly recommend that you carry out a “factory reset” of the router supplied to you, prior to returning it to MyRepublic.
  • Unless stated otherwise, promotional rates are only valid for the duration of the contract. The plan’s Usual Price will apply after the contract ends.
  • MyRepublic’s Home Voice Standard plan, which includes unlimited local calls, is provided free with any new MyRepublic fibre broadband plan sign-up. The Home Voice installation fee (Usual Price of $49 per line) is also waived.
  • The Home Voice early termination fee of $49 applies if you terminate your Home Voice service before your broadband contract with MyRepublic is over.
  • Due to the nature of the Internet, you understand that MyRepublic shall not be responsible for any interruption, disruption or deterioration in the quality or reliability of the Service, or any technical issues that arise in relation to the Service
  • One-time charge of $53.50 (Service Installation Fee), and $56.71 (NLT Service Activation Fee) applies for all new customers, unless otherwise stated. All standard charges found in the List of One Time Charges (published in full on the MyRepublic website) may apply.
  • If this Service Application form has been signed and submitted, a contract is made and all cancellations prior to scheduling installation are subject to a $48.15 cancellation fee. Cancellations after scheduling of installation dates are subject to a cancellation fee of $217.21 for high-rise building, or $345.61 for landed property applies. These include cases of delayed installations. If the service is cancelled or terminated within its contract period, an early termination fee will be charged based on the total monthly recurring fees for the remaining contract period.
  • MyRepublic reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions (including pricing) at its sole discretion without prior notice.
  • Use of MyRepublic’s Services will constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any amendments thereto.
  • MyRepublic’s Specific Terms and Conditions for the Service and General Terms and Conditions (which are published in full at our Website), are deemed incorporated by reference.
  • If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Service Specific Terms and Conditions and the General Terms, such conflict or inconsistency will be resolved in a manner most favourable to MyRepublic, as determined by MyRepublic in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • If you are a foreigner who is not holding an Employment Pass or S Pass, you will need to pay a deposit of $150.
  • All foreigners are required to submit proof of billing address and any one of the following: Employment Pass / S Pass / Diplomatic Pass / Entrepass / Training Visit Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass, Dependent Pass / Long Term Social Visit Pass (with minimum validity of 6 months) when you sign up for MyRepublic services
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