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Digital Transformation

3 Ways to Meet Expectations of a Hybrid Workforce

One of the biggest challenges of hybrid work is bridging the collaboration gap between remote and in-office workers across different locations and time zones. Remote workers may feel isolated, left out or disadvantaged compared to their in-office peers. On the other hand, as more and more workspaces become hybrid, infrastructure gaps or management discrepancies may lead to in-office workers struggling to communicate effectively with their remote colleagues or miss out on more nuanced interactions.

Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet

Our increasingly digital world is opening up business opportunities like never before. With exponential growth comes an unprecedented transaction volume that inevitably opens up security risks. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) reports that attacks involving ransomware, malicious command &control servers and botnet drones have increased drastically, and phishing, website defacements and cybercrime continue to plague the region.

The 3 Steps of Digital Transformation to Seize Today

With Singapore’s extended circuit breaker in place, it may be the first time in many years that your business has had to close for an extended period. This has serious implications for many businesses, who need to manage lost revenue and decreased footfall in the face of still-rolling costs, and much more. For some businesses out there, this creates severe cashflow setbacks that could make or break the company.