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Ensure Seamless Business Connectivity with MyRepublic Backup LTE

Featuring an all fibre broadband with an LTE failover, MyRepublic Backup LTE ensures that your business does not fall prey to service disruptions.

What is MyRepublic Backup LTE?

A high-speed and reliable internet connection is the powerhouse of businesses today.
For businesses of any size, every minute counts and disruptions of any kind can be costly.

With MyRepublic Fibre Connection with Backup LTE, you can be confident in keeping your business up and running in times of disruptions.

Reliable Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband

Enhance your business productivity with a high-speed Internet connection. Every LTE Backup plan comes with a reliable MyRepublic fibre broadband line, with options ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.

100% Service Uptime Assurance

In the event that a service disruption occurs, MyRepublic LTE Backup will automatically switch to a 4G LTE broadband line, giving you 100% uptime Service Level Assurance (SLA).

Why Choose MyRepublic

Trusted Managed Solution Provider

MyRepublic Enterprise business portfolio covers the needs of a modern business, from networking, voice, cybersecurity, office productivity to being a trusted IT services.

Security at Every Critical Step

MyRepublic will work with you to ensure that your cloud environments are secured by design and are compliant to the industry’s regulations.

Cost Optimisation

MyRepublic’s cloud experts help you understand the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of running your infrastructure and optimizes for cost savings on the cloud.

Technology Training and Support

MyRepublic will work with your IT team along the cloud journey to ensure that your team are well equipped to understand the cloud and to get the best-in-class support.

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