Hosted PBX & Softphone for Remote Work

Work from home and never miss a business call with MyRepublic's cloud-based voice solutions

Ensure your business continuity with MyRepublic’s Hosted PBX, a cloud-based business telephone system fully hosted and managed by us.

For maximum availability, consider MyRepublic Talk for Business, an add-on for our Hosted PBX solution. It is a mobile app that only needs an internet connection to make calls while providing all the PBX features of your business phone, allowing you to work from home or on the go.

Special Offer: Hosted PBX with Talk for Business at $67/mth

(U.P. $102/mth)
  • 3-month contract for 5 Extensions + 5 MyRepublic Talk for Business App License
  • Best outgoing IDD rates from as low as 6¢/minute
  • Runs on any Internet connection, no desk phones required

*Mobile data charges will apply

Hosted PBX Features

Interactive Voice Response*

Interactive, number-based configuration used to gather information from callers and route them to the right agent.

Call Campaigns

Mostly used in Telemarketing, blasts out a series of outgoing calls that will be routed to agents when the calls are connected.

Voice Call Conferencing

Allows up to 10 concurrent users to join in a call as active speakers or passive listeners.

Voicemail and Voicemail-to-Email

Records and plays back audio messages from callers to recipients that they were unable to reach via phone and email.

Custom Music on Hold

Play recorded music when placing callers on hold.

Automatic Multi-line Hunting*

Distributes calls between all extensions to ensure a higher likelihood of calls being answered.

Call Queueing

Incoming calls will be answered, but callers will be informed that they are waiting in a queue (typically with Music on Hold) until agents are able to speak to them.

Call Forwarding to External Number

Redirects telephone calls to external destination while supporting the original Caller ID.

Caller ID Blacklist

Prevent unwanted spam and scam calls by blocking as many Caller IDs as you need.

MyRepublic Talk for Business

Mobile app-based softphone that allows you to make calls over an internet connection.

*Extra charges will apply for these features.

MyRepublic Talk for Business Features

Add-on IP Phones to your hosted PBX and Talk for Business bundle at just $78/mth

Comes with
  • 5 Hosted PBX Extensions
  • 5 MyRepublic Talk for Business
  • 5 T21P Yealink Phones

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