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Month: June 2024

Dedicated Internet Access

3 Benefits Dedicated Internet Access Can Offer Businesses vs Regular Broadband

Powered by high-speed internet access, information in the digital age travels at the speed of light. With the collective knowledge of the human race readily available at our fingertips, productivity’s dependence on quick and responsive connectivity has never been higher. This is especially true for businesses, many of which are undergoing digital transformations to embrace automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance productivity.

email phishing

Human Errors: How To Mitigate Risks Of Email Phishing Attempts

Each year, businesses invest millions of dollars towards upgrading their cybersecurity defences to fend off cyberthreats. According to a recent Cybersecurity Drive report, cyber investments are projected to increase by 14% annually in 2024, with cybersecurity services accounting for the lion’s share at 42%. Despite the latest advancements and upgrades in cybersecurity technology, human vulnerabilities remain the foremost cybersecurity concern globally. Research and marketing firm Cyber Edge Group found that 82% of cyberattacks in 2023 exploited human weaknesses such as email phishing, in which cybercriminals can achieve entry points to access secure networks and hold businesses hostage with ransomware attacks.