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Cloud Solutions

Generative AI: How Your Business Can Benefit from Cloud Platforms

OpenAI’s launch of Sora earlier this year marked a historic milestone in the advancement of artificial intelligence. Reminiscent of 90’s science fiction, Sora’s press release was accompanied by hyper-realistic videos that were indistinguishable from actual filmed footage. Unlike large-language AI models such as ChatGPT, generative AI models such as Sora and Midjourney exemplify the new wave of AI tools that promise to revolutionise the tech landscape.

Cloud Solutions Trends

Cloud Solutions Trends For The Evolving Workplace in 2024

Adapt or be left behind, Darwin’s blanket approach to biological evolution draws similar parallels to businesses in the 21st century. As technology evolves, companies must learn to adopt and leverage these technological evolutions to come out on top and stay relevant. Businesses that fail to integrate new technologies might find themselves falling behind in the competitive landscape.