Switching from traditional to digital business: The lowdown

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Calling business owners and IT managers in hospitality, F&B and retail: If you’re moving your business processes over from traditional to digital, we have the article for you. At MyRepublic, makers of an all-in-one management solution called Connected Business, we can help to steer you in the right direction.

If the mere thought of the change leaves you overwhelmed, try seeing the switch to digital for the exciting adventure it is. The pay-off is great, from improved customer insights to less time spent on mundane tasks.

Still feeling risk averse? Remember that not going digital is arguably the more risky venture, as it would surely hamper scalability and hurt your bottom line. And think about your customers: today’s buying public expects personalised, seamless experiences. It is only by switching to digital that you will be able to continue serving the varied, constantly evolving needs of consumers as your business grows.

MyRepublic Connected business

Ready to learn more? Here are MyRepublic’s six must-do’s for the move to digital:

1. Gain customer insights through real-time analytics

To boost engagement, customise offers and marketing campaigns using data on customer behaviour and preferences. The Connected Business dashboard makes accessing this type of data a snap.

2. Make fast, reliable customer wi-fi a non-negotiable

Consumers expect great wi-fi, and many will consider poor connectivity a deal breaker. So aim to get wi-fi right first time when opening new locations. Connected Business uses wireless mesh networking to guarantee wi-fi quality – no expensive cabling work required.

3. And, of course, network security is also a non-negotiable

Internet security should be every business owner’s top priority. Connected Business includes an intelligent, layer 7 firewall and is certified to the highest PCI Data Security Standards. Network secured? Check. Sensitive customer data, including payment information, secured? Double check.

4. Put no-fuss systems in place for new openings

Insist on full visibility and control over your network’s devices, users and applications. Connected Business lets you monitor and configure all network permissions from a single dashboard. When it comes to new locations, devices can pull their configurations automatically from the cloud without on-site support.

5. Deliver a consistent experience as you expand

You want your customers to receive the same high-quality service at every new location you open. Connected Business facilitates this by letting you deploy and synchronise updates across your entire network from the cloud.

6. And keep those communications lines open

Keep messages flowing efficiently and securely between your business locations with a VPN (virtual private network). Connected Business’s auto-provisioning, site-to-site VPN removes the hassle of manual configuration, while IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) encrypts all data sent over the network.

However you manage your business’s move to digital, consider the benefits of a one-stop solution over integrating different solutions with potential compatibility issues. Cloud computing has made it that much simpler to manage an ever-expanding network of business locations. And do prioritise security and a consistent customer experience – two principal factors in building trust and, with it, lifelong loyalty.


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