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MyRepublic Attack Surface Management

Affordable Attack Surface Management with real time view on cyber threats and 24/7 threat alerts.

MyRepublic’s Attack Surface Management offers

Relevant observations

24x7 notification system

Actionable insights

Dark Web Monitoring

What is Attack Surface Management?

In the realm of cybersecurity, the age-old wisdom of "prevention is better than cure" rings truer than ever.As the rate of cyberattacks continues to surge, organisations’ face constant threats. This is where Attack Surface Management (ASM) comes into play.

ASM is a proactive cybersecurity approach that diligently identifies, monitors, and manages vulnerabilities within an organisation's network. By conducting comprehensive scans across networks, applications, and systems, ASM pinpoints potential weaknesses. This vigilant monitoring swiftly addresses vulnerabilities, preventing these threats from escalating into significant security breaches. With ASM, organisations can fortify their digital defences against potential cyber threats.

How to Mitigate Attack Surface Risks?

The significance of Attack Surface Management (ASM) in digital environments.

ASM is crucial for safeguarding digital environments. It focuses on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities that cybercriminals might exploit. By monitoring and reducing the attack surface effectively, ASM ensures robust cybersecurity. Capable of proactive threat detection, ASM provides swift responses to unauthorised access attempts and unusual activities. Through precise security measures, ASM fortifies an organisation's security posture, making it resilient against potential threats and attacks.

Benefits of Attack Surface Management with MyRepublic X Arctic Security

We serve a diverse clientele worldwide, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations; academic institutions, and secure government and military clients. Elevate your cybersecurity strategy through Attack Surface Management by signing up for our services today!

An effective tool that reduces vulnerabilities

by identifying and responding to emerging cyber threats immediately, before they become a major issue.

Actionable and Straightforward reporting

built on filtered structured data that is exclusively about your incidents, displayed within a report that's readable for anybody

High-quality security monitoring reports

of potential compromises, rated by severity, that can be presented to stakeholders requesting assurances of your security posture

Constant 24/7 monitoring of your network

through fast and practical notifications, and a false-positive rate of under 2% to help reduce your average time to fix problems

The most cost-effective way to compile a list of cloud assets,

helping to catch incidents that have been missed and improve your cyber risk score

A real-time alert system,

as well as ongoing weekly assurance assessments and monthly historical progress reports that track performance over time

What does Arctic EWS do?

Arctic EWS is our early warning service. This attack surface management has been designed by cybersecurity experts with experience in national security to keep your network safe 24/7. Every day, it processes millions of observations and matches relevant ones to your assets to provide you with quick, actionable threat intelligence.

Arctic EWS matches relevant observations to your organisation using IP network information and domain names that you provide us and enhances this information into ready-to-use notifications. The threat types that this attack surface management can handle include compromised machines and remotely exploitable services acting as publicly accessible weak points in your network.

How to get started?

Securing your network has never been simpler with Attack Surface Management . With Arctic EWS, our cutting-edge Early Warning Service developed by cybersecurity experts ensures your network's safety around the clock. Here's how to begin with the implementation.

Provide us with your external facing IP addresses and domain

Free report will be generated for you.

Preliminary assessment on free report.

Like what you see? Upgrade to a yearly subscription.

MyRepublic Consultant to respond with findings and remediation advisory.

Why MyRepublic x Arctic Security

Despite there being plenty of security information out there, there are also plenty of obstacles:

It’s often expensive and complex for individual enterprises to get the data, and too impractical to work with

You probably have a tight budget, and that can often lead to reluctantly dropping cybersecurity investment to the bottom of your list

Many solutions require you to already have cybersecurity expertise, or access to trained cybersecurity staff So, there’s a clear need for an effective cybersecurity solution that’s accessible and identifies and handles any risks presented by your organization’s internet-facing assets and systems. With the collaboration between MyRepublic and Arctic, we have come together to bring you expertise required to bring reports into actionable insights.

Let’s get you started on your Attack Surface Management journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Attack Surface Management (ASM)?

Attack Surface Management is a cybersecurity practice focused on identifying, managing, and reducing the vulnerabilities and potential points of attack within an organisation’s digital environment. It involves continuous monitoring, analysis, and proactive measures to enhance security.

2. Why is ASM important for businesses?

ASM is crucial for businesses as it helps in understanding and mitigating potential security risks. By identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited, ASM ensures proactive security measures, safeguarding digital assets and preventing cyberattacks.

3. What are the common vulnerabilities ASM focuses on?

ASM addresses various vulnerabilities such as misconfigured settings, outdated software, weak authentication methods, open ports, and publicly accessible services. It identifies compromised machines and potential weak points in the network infrastructure.

4. Is ASM suitable for small businesses?

Yes, ASM is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit significantly as they are often targeted by cybercriminals. ASM helps them understand their digital risks and implement cost-effective security measures.

5. Can ASM integrate with existing cybersecurity tools and systems?

Yes, ASM solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing cybersecurity tools and systems. They can complement intrusion detection systems, vulnerability scanners, and security information and event management (SIEM) platforms, enhancing overall security measures.

Why Choose MyRepublic

Trusted Managed Solution Provider

MyRepublic Enterprise business portfolio covers the needs of a modern business, from networking, voice, cybersecurity, office productivity to being a trusted IT services.

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MyRepublic will work with you to ensure that your cloud environments are secured by design and are compliant to the industry’s regulations.

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