Comprehensive Security in One Service

Protect your business from cyber threats with MySecure Cloud Firewall, a powerful cloud-based Unified Threat Management service.

Even the smallest business faces the risk of viruses, malware and other cyber threats. MySecure Cloud Firewall offers powerful security features at an accessible monthly cost.

Advanced Threat Detection and Protection

Developed in partnership with the world-leading security experts at Fortinet, MySecure Cloud Firewall provides a fully managed, state-of-the-art, one-stop security service powered by intelligent threat detection.

User-Friendly, Customisable & Easy to Manage

There is no need to have a security expert on hand to manage or customise MySecure Cloud Firewall to your needs. This intelligent service automatically keeps itself updated to defend against the latest threats.

Comprehensive Suite of Security Solutions

MySecure Cloud Firewall offers the network security and productivity enhancing features any growing business needs, including anti-virus, anti-spam, web content filtering and application control.

Affordable Cloud Subscription Service

With MySecure Cloud Firewall, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment or a full in-house security team. Businesses both big and small can achieve enterprise-grade security at an affordable monthly subscription.

Unified Threat Management


MySecure Cloud Firewall stays automatically updated with the latest malware and heuristic detection engines, ensuring that it reliably safeguards your business against all known and variants of known threats.


Using dual-pass detection technology, MySecure Cloud Firewall reliably detects and eliminates spam email before it enters your network, reducing the probability of email attacks and resource wastage.

Application Control

MySecure Cloud Firewall allows you to quickly identify and manage the traffic of different applications on your network. Blacklist, whitelist or use a flexible combination of policies to enhance productivity.

Web Filtering

With MySecure Cloud Firewall, you can monitor and manage all the web activities inside your business. Filter and block websites by category, content rating, specific URLs or only during specific time periods.

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