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Application Edge Computing in ICT Industry: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

Application Edge Computing in ICT Industry Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions
Application edge computing refers to the practice of deploying computing resources, including networking capabilities, processing power, and storage, bringing them closer to the edge of the network where data is generated and consumed. As an emerging trend in the ICT industry, the concept holds significant potential for businesses seeking to optimise application performance and user experience, simultaneously bringing applications and services closer to the end-users or devices that require them. However, despite technological advancements, misconceptions surrounding application edge computing still exist. This article will debunk some of the prevalent myths while providing clarity on its benefits.
Application Edge Computing vs Edge Computing

Myth 1: Application Edge Computing is interchangeable with Edge Computing

People often misperceive application edge computing and edge computing as interchangeable. While they share similarities in deploying computing resources, there are distinct focuses between the duo. Specifically, application edge computing concentrates on optimising application performance and user experience by moving computing resources nearer to where the application is being used, looking to reduce latency and improve responsiveness for applications. On the contrary, edge computing encompasses a broader approach to decentralise computing resources at the network edge.

Myth 2: Application Edge Computing is only for large enterprises

Despite the common perception that application edge computing exclusively benefits large enterprises, businesses of all sizes can actually leverage its advantages. With the ability to enhance application performance, application edge computing can shorten the distance between the application and the end-user, which is particularly critical for real-time applications such as online gaming, video streaming, and interactive web applications.

For instance, complemented with reliable internet business plans, edge servers enable e-commerce stores to handle peak loads during busy shopping seasons, distributing the incoming traffic to ensure a responsive website. This leads to minimised delays and faster response times without experiencing performance degradation or crashes. As application edge computing can help to optimise network bandwidth, as well as ensure data privacy and security, it becomes a valuable tool for improving user experience, for businesses of any size.

Myth 3: Application Edge Computing is often costly

The implementation of application edge computing may usually be associated with significantly higher costs. In actuality, the deployment cost can vary according to the specific use case and business requirements. The key is to take into account the long-term benefits provided. By optimising application performance, user satisfaction can be maximised, due to lower bounce rates and more conversions. In addition, businesses today will find it much easier to adopt application edge computing solutions, thanks to technological advancements, and the availability of edge computing infrastructure providers who have empowered more accessible and cost-effective deployment processes.

Application edge computing is a transformative technology that empowers businesses to unlock their full potential, helping them to gain a competitive edge. By addressing the misconceptions above, businesses can fully understand the advantages and embrace the benefits offered by application edge computing in today’s digital landscape.

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