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4 Solutions To Defend Your Business Against Cyberthreats


With the rapid global digitalisation rate, cyberthreats have become increasingly more common. Between 2022 and 2023, 84% of businesses in Singapore were hit by ransomware attacks, highlighting that cyberthreats are a pressing issue amongst businesses here in Singapore. Furthermore, based on a study in 2023, at least 85% of businesses in Singapore shared that cybersecurity is a top priority, emphasising that cyberthreats are becoming a key concern of businesses.

And at times, organisations are faced with security risks simply due to inadequate adherence to essential cybersecurity practices, also known as cyber hygiene. Research itself shows that over 80% of security breaches involves weak or compromised passwords.

Hence, if you are a business owner and have yet to look into cybersecurity for your company or are simply looking for an upgrade, here are four simple solutions to help you get started.

1. Vulnerability Management Audit

Given the continuous evolution of security threats, the first step in improving your firm’s cybersecurity would be an internal vulnerability audit. The audit identifies and evaluates the potential weaknesses in your cyber defence, allowing businesses to get started with an effective cybersecurity plan. Aside from that, with the help of a cybersecurity audit, businesses can develop a more tailored and robust cybersecurity strategy. While an audit seems complex, there are cybersecurity audit services available. However, businesses should only consult trusted and well-equipped service providers that can ensure the audit has been conducted thoroughly. Failing to consult the right service provider might leave loopholes for potential cyberthreats.

Through a combination of vulnerability management services and industry best practices, MyRepublic Vulnerability Management Services can help audit unique vulnerabilities and threats to your business and provide a customised vulnerability management programme to resolve them.

2. Managed Firewall Services

Now that you know where your business might lay exposed, the solution entails putting into place cybersecurity countermeasures that can fend off any threats that come your way. For example, a managed firewall service. A managed firewall service helps to monitor, detect, and block malicious traffic and activities, thus preventing any unauthorised access and data breaches. With a firewall in place, businesses can feel safe knowing that their network is being monitored around the clock with vulnerabilities promptly addressed, and the integrity of their digital assets is maintained.

Likewise, it is always best to consult leading firms that can integrate managed firewall services as part of your routine operational security. MyRepublic Managed Firewall-as-a-Service offers constant round-the-clock monitoring with real-time alerts, which allows you to respond to threats the moment they surface. Leverage zero-day protection and advanced web filtering capabilities to ensure your business is protected right from the get-go, so you can focus on growth while experts secure your digital realm.

3. Managed Endpoint Services

In cybersecurity terms, an endpoint is defined as any device that communicates back and forth with a network it is connected to. An endpoint could take the form of laptops, mobile phones, point-of-sale devices, or even IoT devices. Endpoints are invariably the weakest link in any security system, making them common entry points for threats. To stay protected, it is imperative that businesses continuously manage their endpoints’ security and implement up-to-date endpoint software. However, at times, it might be tedious for businesses to constantly update their endpoint software, especially for big businesses that might have hundreds to thousands of endpoints.

Hence, businesses can seek out endpoint service providers such as MyRepublic. MyRepublic Managed Endpoint Services boasts routine automated patch management that ensures business endpoints are constantly updated. Furthermore, with the unified endpoint management function, businesses can have centralised control over all their endpoints, allowing full visibility of any endpoint attacks or threats. In addition to the offerings above, MyRepublic utilises AI-guided investigations with machine-generated insights to help businesses optimise their endpoint usage safely and effectively, taking endpoint security a step further and giving business owners peace of mind.

4. Cybersecurity Consulting

Lastly, instead of adopting separate cybersecurity service offerings, businesses can look towards adopting cybersecurity consulting, which can provide a full cybersecurity service offering and help resolve more complex security issues with the help of a full team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts. Cybersecurity consulting is also ideal for large businesses that are faced with multiple security compliances to fulfil or are just exposed to a constantly evolving threat landscape.

For a cybersecurity team that’s committed and invested in your business, look no further than MyRepublic’s Cybersecurity Consulting Services for ready access to highly skilled cybersecurity professionals at predictable costs.