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MyRepublic updates 10Gbps fixed broadband Internet plans with bundled Wi-Fi 7 routers

MyRepublic is now offering Wi-Fi 7 routers bundled with its 10Gbps home internet fixed broadband plans.

According to MyRepublic’s official statement released on 21 February 2024, MyRepublic now offers a bundled Wi-Fi 7 router with its HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps home internet plans.

While the plans themselves remained unchanged, the new optional bundled router makes it easier for incoming MyRepublic home internet users to get a Wi-Fi 7 capable router with a high-speed connection. MyRepublic claimed that its Wi-Fi 7-powered plans have Wi-Fi speeds “over 4X faster” than Wi-Fi 6, on top of supporting bandwidth-intensive tasks.

The Wi-Fi 7 router bundle is an optional upgrade to its existing 10Gbps plans. On its official landing page, MyRepublic has the TP-Link Archer BE805 router available with an additional S$50 top-up, on top of its existing 10Gbps HyperSpeed (S$59.99/month) and 10Gbps GAMER (S$64.99/month) plans.

The original plan without the Wi-Fi 7 router top-up comes with a TP-Link Archer AXE300 router with Wi-Fi 6E support instead. The base price of those plans and their features are also unchanged.

Do note that the 10Gbps plans are part of a bigger MyRepublic trial, which requires the user to agree to its terms and conditions to fully enjoy its perks.

TP-Link has collaborated with MyRepublic to make this bundle possible. Previously, TP-Link also partnered up with Singtel for the red camp’s Wi-Fi 7 bundle as well.