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5 Iconic Netflix Characters That Kept Us Binge Watching

A woman watching Netflix

Let’s be honest – our love for Netflix knows no bounds. From captivating sci-fi epics to gripping political thrillers, this streaming giant has become our go-to source for entertainment. But what truly keeps us glued to our screens, night after night? It’s those unforgettable characters!

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So, grab your popcorn and join us as we revisit some of Netflix’s most impressive personalities!

1. Eleven from Stranger Things

Stranger Things’ breakout star, Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown), captured hearts worldwide with her iconic shaved head, extraordinary telekinetic powers, and unwavering loyalty. Rooting for this mysterious young girl comes naturally as she tackles interdimensional threats plaguing the seemingly ordinary town of Hawkins, Indiana. But Eleven’s story goes beyond this quaint setting. Born as Jane Ives, she endured harrowing experiments under Project MKUltra, orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Dr. Martin Brenner, the head of Hawkins National Laboratory, separated Eleven from her mother and raised her in isolation, exploiting her abilities for espionage. These experiments gave Eleven the power to open portals, called “Gates,” to a terrifying alternate dimension – the Upside Down.

Eleven from Stranger Things

2. Frank Underwood from House of Cards

Love him or loathe him, House of Cards owes its addictive allure to Frank Underwood. Portrayed by Kevin Spacey, Frank embodies a ruthless politician who masterfully navigates the treacherous waters of Washington D.C., manipulating and scheming his way from House Majority Whip to the pinnacle of power in the Oval Office. House of Cards promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, perfect for a weekend binge-watch. And with the fastest broadband in Singapore, you’ll savour every twist and turn without a moment’s interruption.

Frank Underwood from House of Cards

3. BoJack Horseman from BoJack Horseman

Look past the talking animal facade and you’ll find BoJack Horseman, an animated dark comedy that explores profound themes like depression and addiction. The show centres around BoJack, a washed-up sitcom star who happens to be a horse (and yes, a very tall one at that!). Despite his flaws, BoJack’s struggles with self-worth and loneliness make him a surprisingly relatable character. Beneath his caring and insightful moments lies a character plagued by insecurities, often spiralling into self-destruction behaviour. His past riddled with bad decisions, drug and alcohol abuse, and a dysfunctional childhood shadows his present struggles. Despite these challenges, BoJack attempts a comeback in the acting world, infusing his complex journey with a glimmer of hope.

BoJack Horseman the humanoid horse

4. Kimmy Schmidt from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

In a world that often feels cynical, Kimmy Schmidt bursts onto the scene as a ray of sunshine. Rescued from a doomsday cult, she fearlessly embraces New York City with an infectious enthusiasm that’s as hilarious as it is heartwarming. Ellie Kemper’s delightful portrayal makes Kimmy a character you are instantly fond of. Despite her sheltered upbringing in a bunker, Kimmy navigates the complexities of city life with surprising resourcefulness. Sure, her naivety leads to its fair share of comedic fumbles, but her positivity support for those makes her character even more endearing.

5. Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher

Prepare to be spellbound by Geralt of Rivia, an iconic protagonist from Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels, now brought to life in the Netflix series “The Witcher.” A gruff monster hunter with an unexpected depth of character, Geralt possesses heightened strength and resilience, earned through enduring more mutations than most. However, this comes at a cost – his white hair and pale skin are a constant reminder of the price of power.

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