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Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix Singapore

Family watching Netflix

In recent years, Netflix has become a staple in many Singaporean homes, entertaining both young and old with its extensive library of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. Whether you’re a drama enthusiast, reality TV junkie, or anime lover, there’s always an enticing collection to cater to all tastes. So if you’re seeking a treasure trove of outstanding TV shows for your next binge-watching session, here are the top 10 series currently captivating audiences across the Lion City, according to Netflix. Before we delve into our list, ensure you’re equipped with a swift home fibre broadband connection to seamlessly meet your viewing demands.

1. Doctor Slump: Limited Series

“Doctor Slump” is a 2024 South Korean television series starring Park Hyung-sik, Park Shin-hye, Yoon Park, and Gong Seong-ha. The series focuses on the emotional and professional struggles of Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo, who find themselves in a slump. Once high school rivals with a deep-seated disdain for each other, their lives intersect once again when being forced to quit their jobs as doctors. They end up living together, marking a dynamic shift from hostility to romance. This heartfelt drama emphasises themes of healing, personal growth, and the rekindling of old relationships, making it a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies and character-driven stories.

2. Griselda: Limited Series

“Griselda” is an American biographical crime drama miniseries directed by Andrés Baiz. One of the producers, Sofía Vergara, stars as Griselda Blanco, the Colombian drug lord. The six-part series chronicles Blanco’s rise to power in the male-dominated world of drug trafficking during the 1970s, establishing significant drug routes into the United States. It brings to life the tumultuous journey of the “Godmother of Cocaine,” offering a gripping narrative of crime, power, and the high price of infamy.

3. Hell’s Kitchen: Season 22

Gordon Ramsay returns with another fiery season of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Season 22 promises more culinary chaos, intense challenges, and high-stakes drama. Fans of reality TV and competitive cooking shows will find this season particularly enthralling as contestants battle it out to become the top chefs.

Hell's Kitchen scene
Source: Screenrant

4. Alexander: The Making of a God: Season 1

“Alexander: The Making of a God” invites viewers on an epic journey through the remarkable life of Alexander the Great. It explores the extraordinary accomplishments of Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, whose military prowess and conquests shaped the course of civilisation. By the age of 30, he had established one of the largest empires in human history. This historical drama series intertwines rich storytelling with breathtaking visuals, creating an immersive viewing experience for the audience.

5. Solo Leveling: Season 1

“Solo Leveling” is a series anime fanatics wouldn’t want to miss out on. Sung Jin-woo, initially known as the weakest hunter, struggled to survive in this unforgiving environment. However, everything changes after a near-death encounter. Jin-woo discovers a mysterious programme that grants him the ability to level up his skills exponentially. Suddenly, he finds himself on an unprecedented path of growth, transforming from a struggling hunter into a formidable force to be reckoned with. Watch this to embark on an exhilarating journey through a world plagued by monsters, indulging in an electrifying blend of action and adventure.

6. Captivating the King: Limited Series

“Captivating the King” is a historical drama that transports viewers into the intricate palace life and royal intrigue. Starring Jo Jung-suk, Shin Se-kyung, and Lee Shin-young, the series unravels a poignant tale of power, love, and betrayal within the royal court. It also highlights the tragic love story of Yi In, a king isolated by mistrust and surrounded by political turmoil. Later, his world intersects with Kang Hee-soo, who initially seeks revenge but finds herself defeated by unexpected emotions.

7. The Brothers Sun: Season 1

“The Brothers Sun” is an action-packed drama series created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu for Netflix. In the series, the average life of Californian Bruce Sun changes when his older brother, Charles Sun, arrives in Los Angeles from Taipei, Taiwan. Bruce discovers his family’s deep ties to Taipei’s underworld, with his brother being a seasoned criminal raised by their crime boss father. As Charles grapples with his past as a Taipei gangster, he is forced to relocate to L.A. to protect his family after their father is targeted by an unknown assailant. With its compelling narrative of family loyalty, betrayal, and redemption, the series is a binge-worthy addition to any watchlist.

8. The Bequeathed: Limited Series

“The Bequeathed” is a compelling South Korean occult thriller series focusing on family dynamics, legacy, and hidden secrets. When Yoon Seo-ha, a college lecturer, inherits her long-forgotten uncle’s burial ground, it reignites painful memories of her estranged father. Tensions escalate when her half-brother, Kim Young-ho, demands a share of the inheritance, triggering a series of ominous events. Meanwhile, police detective Choi Sung-jun’s investigation into the uncle’s death unveils layers of mystery, despite facing resistance from Chief Inspector Park Sang-min. As another murder rocks the village, chaos takes place, curating a suspenseful tale of betrayal and deception.

9. My Demon: Limited Series

In “My Demon,” a captivating supernatural drama, viewers are drawn into the intriguing tale of Do Do-hee, a mischievous heiress of a conglomerate, and Jeong Gu-won, a demon who experiences a temporary loss of his powers. Their unexpected contract marriage leads to unforeseen happiness, weaving together romance, mystery, and fantasy in a mesmerising blend.

My Demon movie poster
Source: Soompi

10. Let’s Talk About CHU: Season 1

“Let’s Talk About CHU” takes a provocative and thought-provoking approach to authentically exploring sexuality and relationships. The series boasts an exceptional script and cast, centring around the lives of two parents and three children. Vlogger Chu Ai fearlessly discusses sex on her channel, yet struggles with personal intimacy, adding layers of depth to the narrative. The series isn’t merely a sex comedy, it also offers a profound exploration of human connections.

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