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Cloud-Office Redefined with Modern Workplace

ModernWorkplace will offer 24/7 dedicated industry-leading support for cloud office solutions by certified Microsoft technicians  Singapore, 27 May 2020 MyRepublic today announced the rollout of MyRepublic ModernWorkplace solutions, a complete cloud office solution designed to streamline collaboration, increase employee productivity, and harden security for remote workers. The first complete cloud solution by a telco in Singapore to offer dedicated support for various cloud office products, ModernWorkplace is also the first MyRepublic service offering made available to customers without the need for a broadband or mobile subscription. With a focus on Mobile Devices and Access Management features for organisations with highly mobile or remote workers and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, ModernWorkplace empowers teams to be collaborative and creative in a seamless, secure manner, regardless of work environments and locations. This comes amid the shift towards hybrid models of work around the world – even as more employees in Singapore are now allowed to return to workplaces,  employees have grown accustomed to having the flexibility of working from remote locations outside of head offices based on their personal preference, giving rise to security risks. .  The three key areas of focus for ModernWorkplace are:
  1. Enhanced Productivity with Microsoft 365 by merging business and collaboration applications into an integrated and secure public cloud platform.  This allows for more flexible work environments and a one-stop hub for teamwork.
  2. Advanced Security includes detection, prevention, investigation, and response across devices, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.
  3. Mobile Device Management provides an identity-driven set of Cloud-based BYOD Device Management tools to secure sensitive assets accessed by users regardless of location or device.

One-stop solution to enhance productivity and security

ModernWorkplace is a complete solution which includes Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 productivity and collaboration tools, suited for organisations with assets spread across multiple locations and platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data. All ModernWorkplace solutions are delivered through a managed service partnership between MyRepublic and Rhipe using MyRepublic’s existing Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) certification. 

Dedicated support and instruction

Backed by a dedicated team of support specialists, ModernWorkplace is professionally delivered by MyRepublic and Microsoft certified deployment and adoption experts. Priority support is included in all ModernWorkplace plans, with certified Microsoft 365 specialists on hand to provide the highest quality fault finding and diagnostics. Support is flexible and scalable according to the needs of all business types and sizes, with 24/7 call, email, and online assistance available to all customers.  “Creating seamless communications for all our customers has always been our priority at MyRepublic, and ModernWorkplace has been designed to play a key role in enabling businesses to collaborate and communicate seamlessly across platforms, all while maintaining security and enhancing workforce productivity,” said Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore. “We are thus excited to be rolling out MyRepublic’s ModernWorkplace solutions, to help allow employees to work with a peace of mind from anywhere and on any device, whether they choose to return to their offices or prefer to work remotely.” “We are pleased to be partnering with MyRepublic to deliver ModernWorkplace solutions to businesses, given their robust and reputable track record and market presence. As we navigate the future of work together, we look forward to providing customers with access to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 cloud office solutions as well as our certified specialists whom they can trust, for a more productive, secure, collaborative office experience,” said XX, Microsoft.  The ModernWorkplace Core Plans consist of 5 tiers which cover a variety of tools and features fit for businesses of all types and sizes:  
ModernWorkplace Firstline ModernWorkplace Basic  ModernWorkplace Premium
Plan includes
  • MSFT 365 Enterprise F1  (or)
  • Office 365 Enterprise F3
  • Office 365 Business Basic 
  • Microsoft Defender Add-on
  • MSFT 365 Business Premium
Who’s it for Workers that are always on the ground and mobile that need quick and secure access to customer data, company processes, sensitive information. Compliance and security while remaining mobile on various devices. Those who simply need the basic Office 365 components. Company mailbox and collaboration tools to stay connected with the team, but limited access to company assets. Perfect for contract workers, interns, and temps under BYOD policies.  Business Premium can support even executive level roles. With a full suite of productivity, mobility, and security components this plan is perfect for the business traveller that needs unrestricted 24/7 access to the organization and its assets from anywhere in the world.
In line with the launch of ModernWorkplace, MyRepublic is offering up to 10% off on ModernWorkplace licenses for the first year of annual subscription. All new customers are also entitled to a free cloud office and security assessment, designed to provide organisations with an analysis of their current working environment and how they can optimise it with the right tools, applications and services to support a secure and modern workplace. For more information on ModernWorkplace, and to sign up for the free cloud office and security assessment, visit