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We Up Mobile Offer with Unli-Data for All Plans

Singapore, 31 March 2020 MyRepublic announced a mobile offering refresh today, bringing enhanced connectivity and greater value to customers through a data upsize across all existing mobile plans at no additional costs.

  • Unlimited plan: At the same cost of $48/month, the plan now offers 4GB of high-speed data per day (up from 3GB previously).
  • Power plan: At the same cost of $24/month, the plan now offers 30GB of high-speed data per month (up from 20GB previously).
  • Value plan (previously called Uno 18): At the same cost of $18/month, the plan now offers 7GB of high-speed data per month (up from 1GB previously).

In addition to these upgrades, MyRepublic has launched two attractive pop-up plans that are applicable to new sign-ups for a limited time period. Ideal for data-hungry users who seek the best value, the Pro plan is packed with 40GB of high-speed data for work and play at $29/month; while the Lite plan offers data-light users 6GB of high-speed data at $10/month.

Emphasising MyRepublics no-fuss, no hidden charges philosophy, the mobile refresh also includes the introduction of unlimited data at managed speeds beyond the data cap for all plans at no extra charge. This upgrade offers users a seamless and worry-free experience, giving them the assurance that they can continue to stay connected and not be charged unknowingly should they exceed their high-speed data allowance.

MyRepublic Mobile Plans

(New limited time pop-up plans)
Mobile Data6GB of high-speed data every month40GB of high-speed data every month7GB of high-speed data every month30GB of high-speed data every month4GB of high-speed data per day
Unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter


(All plans feature free incoming calls)

300 mins400 mins1,000 mins100 minsUnlimited


(All plans feature free incoming SMS)

300 SMS400 SMS1,000 SMS100 SMSUnlimited
*$38/mth for existing broadband users

The launch of MyRepublics upgraded packages comes at a time where peoples reliance on digital technology for work and leisure is increasing.

In the past few months, we have seen a huge jump in the number of people using cloud-based tools for work and learning, tapping on e-commerce sites to do their shopping, and consuming more entertainment on streaming video and online gaming platforms, Lawrence Chan, Managing Director of MyRepublic Singapore said. Consumers shift towards digital has been accelerated, and our latest mobile offering upgrades are designed to provide them a worry-free experience in view of their changing needs.

Existing MyRepublic mobile customers can upgrade their plans to enjoy the data upsize for free from 31 March 2020, while interested customers can sign up for any of the plans online at