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Enhancing customer experience with
MyRepublic’s Virtual Assistants

Respond to customers’ queries beyond your business hours

Analyse customers’ engagements in a systematic manner to react accordingly

Understanding customer needs using Artificial Intelligence for accurate reporting

Be constantly updated with evolving customer engagements

Eliminate long hold times, multiple customer service agents, untraceable data, and low response times.

Converse with your customers, all day

A Chatbot is a software or computer program that simulates human conversations through text or voice interactions. When a customer visits your webpage on the computer or phone, they are immediately attended to and engaged.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and a knowledge base specific to your business, the chatbot converses with the customer and begins the process of relationship building and client discovery.

This results in greater customer satisfaction and increase in sales. Users in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) environments increasingly use Chatbot Virtual Assistants to handle simple tasks.

MyRepublic’s Virtual Assistants Features

Detailed Analysis of your customers’ engagement

Learn about your market, bot's performance, engagement rate, chat sentiments, and user retention.

Solutions Packages

Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

Lite Plus

5 Steps of Implementation

Site survey, fact finding, problem statement, selection of solution

Preparation of data and training of AI Engine

Testing and debugging

Go live with implementation

Machine learning and fine tuning

Why Choose MyRepublic

Trusted Managed Solution Provider

MyRepublic Enterprise business portfolio covers the needs of a modern business, from networking, voice, cybersecurity, office productivity to being a trusted IT services.

Security at Every Critical Step

MyRepublic will work with you to ensure that your cloud environments are secured by design and are compliant to the industry’s regulations.


MyRepublic’s cloud experts help you understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of running your infrastructure and optimizes for cost savings on the cloud.

Technology Training and Support

MyRepublic will work with your IT team along the cloud journey to ensure that your team are well equipped to understand the cloud and to get the best-in-class support.

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