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Selecting An Internet Plan For Your Business: Key Factors To Consider

In the modern era of digital technology, internet connectivity has evolved into a basic necessity for business operations. Whether it’s providing internet access for workstations in the office, cloud solutions for on-site technologies, or simply facilitating communication through VoIP calls, nearly every essential business function in the 21st century requires internet connectivity in some form.

Selecting the right internet plan is crucial and can prove to be a significant commitment for any business. Choosing a service provider that doesn’t effectively meet business needs can lead to operational disruptions and profit loss. This raises the question – “how should businesses go about selecting the ideal internet plan for themselves?” What elements should you take note of? In this article, we’ll delve into the key factors to consider when businesses are selecting an internet plan.

Scale and Entity Type

The first factor for a business to consider when selecting the right internet plan is the scale of its operations and its classification as a small-medium enterprise (SME) or enterprise. In Singapore, a business is categorised as an SMB if it has fewer than 200 employees or an annual sales turnover of less than $100 million. Businesses exceeding these parameters are considered enterprises. Both types of businesses have tailored and unique internet plans that address their specific needs and requirements.

It’s essential to note that while an enterprise business cannot apply for SMB internet plans, the reverse is not true. SMEs can opt for enterprise plans, but it’s not recommended as many enterprise plans have a minimum number of users and significantly higher monthly costs. However, enterprise plans offer flexible contracts and increased bandwidth allocation.

Regardless of entity type, MyRepublic Business offers business internet plans for both categories, ranging from essentials to best-in-class offerings with the fastest speeds. With industry-leading Service Level Agreements, MyRepublic’s Small Business and Enterprise Internet Plans boast at least 99.5% service uptime with 24/7 customer support.

Fixed or Mobile

If your business requires more than basic internet connectivity, the next factor to consider is the nature of your operations and the type of connectivity you need. For businesses operating from fixed locations (e.g offices and hotels), fibre broadband plans offer the most reliable connectivity at unparalleled speeds. Fibre broadband transmits data through cables laid within a physical infrastructure, resulting in minimal latency and consistent data transmission. It’s the most efficient way to maintain regular internet connectivity, ideal for most enterprise businesses with routine physical office spaces.

For businesses that are mobile (e.g food trucks or pop-up spaces), inaccessible, or lack fibre infrastructure, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) broadband is the next best solution. Unlike fibre broadband, LTE broadband operates on wireless networks, utilising radio waves for data transmission and connectivity. While LTE broadband offers portability and flexibility, it presents challenges such as inconsistent network speeds and potential signal interference.

The type of internet plan your business can effectively utilise depends on the nature of your workplace—whether it’s fixed or mobile and whether it has access to fibre infrastructure.

For the best of both worlds – MyRepublic’s Backup Fibre LTE features an LTE failover in case of fibre disruptions to guarantee 100% uptime and high-speed internet connection.

User Base

The final consideration when selecting an internet plan for your business is your user base. Will your network be accessed solely by employees or by customers as well? Based on this, it’s crucial to account for an appropriate buffer in bandwidth and upload/download speed. Failure to do so can result in latency and operational issues for the entire user base.

If your business is located in a public space, enhanced security measures and cyberthreat deterrents must be factored into the internet plan. Utilising VPN services can secure networks and encrypt sensitive data while providing internet connectivity to extended user bases. For businesses seeking efficiency and cost-effective scalability, consider MyRepublic’s Managed Network Services which pairs high-speed internet service with next-generation firewall security to strike the perfect balance of security and reliability,

Tired of weighing out the pros and cons of each internet plan? Fret no more, get in touch with our expert teams and find out how MyRepublic Business Internet can benefit your business today!