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How Cybersecurity Retainers Can Help Secure Your Business 24/7

Secure Your Business

In November 2023, a ruthless cyberattack led to a 7-hour internet outage in public hospitals and polyclinics across Singapore. The disruption, categorised as a Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack, prevented legitimate users from accessing online services and crippled internal services such as emails and productivity tools.

While the entire ordeal was contained without long-term consequences, a survey of local companies found that 86% of small-medium businesses were ill-equipped to defend themselves against a cyber attack. If you find yourself within that demographic, read on to find out how cybersecurity retainers offer round-the-clock protection for your business.

Immediate Response

According to a report by the American Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, the first 48 hours of any cyber breach are vital in protecting critical business data. Within eight hours, businesses might not even realise they’re under attack until a third party notifies them. Businesses only often become aware of the attack when users and third-party vendors report being unable to access services, by which point it might be too late.

In the event your business becomes the target of a cyberattack, the key is to catch the intrusion as early as possible and respond quickly to ensure that you mitigate potential exposure and data breaches. This level of alertness is made more achievable with cybersecurity retainers, dedicated to monitoring suspicious activity on your networks.

With its 24/7 incident response team of local staff, MyRepublic’s Cyber Incident Response Retainer is ever-vigilant in supporting your business in times of crisis, striving to provide peace of mind so business owners can operate without fear.

Specialised Teams

Well-trained IT departments are not always equipped to deal with cybersecurity incidents as cyberattacks are often more complex than your usual IT troubleshooting. These teams might lack the comprehensive technical capabilities or tools and software to detect and manage cyberattacks.

The best Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) boast a diverse team of responders, specialised in dealing with all sorts of crises. Whether it’s ransomware attacks, business email compromise, or even financial/asset tracking, cybersecurity retainers bring another dimension of expertise and tools that in-house IT departments lack.

MyRepublic’s Cyber Incident Response Retainer enlists an elite team of cyber risk and security experts, with backgrounds ranging from intelligence, cyber forensics, and even law enforcement. With a robust skill set and experience, our teams prioritise timely communication that avoids complicated jargon to ensure your business and relevant stakeholders are always in the know.

Resources To Upskill

The ever-evolving landscape of technology requires businesses to stay updated with the latest trends in cybersecurity, or risk falling behind. Yesterday’s news makes for today’s issues, and failure to implement modern solutions against threats could result in financial disaster.

To that end, one big perk that MyRepublic’s Cyber Incident Response Retainer offers is unlimited access to cyber risk e-resources. Equipped with these tools, businesses can conduct in-house upskilling workshops whenever necessary and keep their workforce apprised of the newest threat developments. Armed with industry best practices, businesses can further train their employees to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities stemming from human error such as phishing attempts.

Proactive Protection

Going beyond responding to critical incidents, cybersecurity retainers also offer ways for businesses to identify vulnerabilities ahead of time through attack surface scanning processes. By auditing a business’s digital infrastructure, cybersecurity retainers provide visibility into potential entry points that attackers could exploit to gain unauthorised access to network systems.

MyRepublic’s Cyber Incident Response Retainer offers its own Attack Surface Management (ASM) tool designed to strengthen cyber defences over time through tailored recommendations and efficient allocation of resources to critical vulnerabilities. Operating efficiently through cloud-based external scans, this ASM tool keeps your business safe without system interference and zero complicated installations.

Stay alert and ahead of threats with failsafe measures; employ cybersecurity retainers to shore up all gaps in defence. Contact MyRepublic to get your free Cyber Preparedness Assessment and be incident-response ready today.