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3 Reasons Why F&B And Retail Owners Should Leverage Managed Network Services For Connectivity

Managed Network Services For Connectivity

Ask business owners operating in the Food and Beverage (F&B) or Retail industry and they’ll tell you how competitive and busy business can get. Increasing operational costs, tight profit margins and quicker demands have pushed businesses to rely heavily on technology and digital point-of-sale (POS) systems for their daily operations. As a result, having efficient and seamless connectivity to support these technologies and digital platforms has become a fundamental requirement for businesses functioning in these industries.

However, getting started and maintaining the digital platforms and POS systems can be complex, particularly for business owners who are new or those who are overseeing multiple stores. This is where managed network services come in handy. Managed network services offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses get their digital platforms started, streamline their connectivity, and address critical concerns. Here are three reasons why F&B and Retail owners should fully leverage managed network services to improve their business operations.

1. Enhanced Security

Running an F&B or retail store dependent on digital platforms and services as well as many POS systems exposes businesses to various cyberthreats. Cybercriminals have ample opportunities to exploit these avenues and gain access to confidential customer and business information. Cybercriminals may also sabotage your business operations, causing system outages and affecting your business operations and profitability.

To prevent such threats, managed network services provide advanced security protocols like site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and continuous monitoring to detect and mitigate cyberattacks on your business systems. Additionally, these services also offer proactive measures such as regular security audits and updates. By staying ahead of emerging threats, businesses can ensure their systems are protected against evolving cybersecurity threats.

Consider MyRepublic’s Managed Endpoint Services, which offers easy onboarding for businesses, endpoint security, immediate threat response, threat detection and even AI-guided investigations. Business owners can rest easy and focus on their core business without the risk of compromising data protection.

2. Analytics and Customer Data

Understanding customer behaviour and preferences is instrumental for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the competition. Managed network services offer sophisticated analytic tools that gather valuable insight from network traffic and customer interactions. Through analysis of customer data patterns and behavioural trends, business owners can make smart informed decisions regarding their operational processes and marketing strategies.

For example, F&B operators with access to user data from reservation and POS systems can optimise which customers they want to accept during popular dining slots, to maximise their profits.

To get the most impact from user data, it is crucial to employ the right managed network service for your business. With its intuitive array of analytic dashboards and the ability to expertly segment customers by demographics, MyRepublic’s Managed Network Services helps businesses elevate operations and business strategy with actionable and AI machine-generated insights. giving businesses a much-needed advantage in the competitive retail and F&B industry.

3. Remote Management Across Outlets

Managing network infrastructure across multiple outlets poses unique challenges for F&B and retail business owners. This need for efficient network management becomes more apparent as businesses increasingly rely on network connectivity for electronic payment and ordering systems. Any disruptions in connectivity can lead to operational delays and revenue loss.

Albeit happening on a larger scale, the recent McDonald’s system outage that happened in Singapore is a good example of how the system’s failure can severely affect business operations and profits. The outage experienced by the famous fast-food chain saw many customers cancelling their orders while others experienced long queues and waits as staff resorted to using pen and paper to take down orders. This highlights the need for businesses to optimise network services across every outlet.

Managed network services offer an effective solution to this challenge. By providing remote management capabilities and full-suite coverage solutions for potential network interference, these services enable business owners to streamline operations and maintain reliable connectivity across their entire network infrastructure.

For example, MyRepublic’s Managed Network Services empowers business owners to utilise cloud monitoring software on managed network services to remotely configure and monitor network infrastructure. Its ease of set-up and end-to-end support centralises network infrastructure management, allowing business owners to do everything on one platform.