8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A 1Gbps Internet Connection

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In this age of real-time information and global economy, the speed and efficiency of a company’s Internet connection can make or break it. While speeds of 100Mbps may seem sufficient, limiting your company’s Internet bandwidth may well limit your company’s true potential.

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“I am very happy with the service of MyRepublic. They are a nice bunch of people and the engineers were very helpful setting up the links. Quality of the bandwidth is extremely good.”

– Aglow Alicom Pte Ltd

“We were tasked with setting up remote work sites for our business needs. We reached out to all the big players in the market with our requirements, but their responses proved disappointing – until we met with a MyRepublic Account Manager who provided great service. Within a short span of nine months, we were able to secure all of our remote site operations, for both activation and relocation. In terms of order fulfilment and level of service, MyRepublic satisfied our business needs. We look forward to future collaborations with MyRepublic!”

– CapitaLand Limited

“Our fibre broadband connection at the office is the fastest I’ve ever experienced. The key advantage from my point of view is reliability. This is especially critical for an Internet-based business like mine and gives me great ease of mind. I would recommend MyRepublic to anyone in need of a fast, reliable connection for their business.”

– Minitheory Pte Ptd

“Not only is MyRepublic a trusted partner when it comes to enterprise network planning, they are also reliable when it comes to operations and implementation. I appreciate that MyRepublic is a company that values innovation and offers solutions that are both intelligent and cost effective.”

– My English Pte Ltd