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Terms and Policies

Legal > Mobile > Lite, Core & Pro – Affiliate Promotion

Terms & Conditions – Affiliates Promotions

1. This promotion is applicable to sign-ups via MyRepublic affiliate partners during the promotional period.

2. The promotion is valid till further notice, or unless otherwise stated.

3. Lite, Core and Pro Plan subscribers will be eligible for a one-time bonus of 10GB (for use within 3 months), a one-time bonus of 28GB (for use within 8 months) and a one-time of 88GB (for use within 8 months) respectively.

4. Mobile Sales promotional pricing will be available from the Service Commencement date.

5. This promotion is not available to customers who change their existing MyRepublic mobile plan to a Lite, Core or Pro Plan.

6. This promotion will no longer be available to you if you change or terminate your Lite, Core or Pro Plan. If you resubscribe, the respective monthly recurring charges shall apply.

7. We reserve the right to disqualify you from this promotion (and without us incurring any liability) if we believe that your participation is not in good faith or fail to conform to our mobile service or promotion eligibility criteria.

8. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw any part or all of our mobile promotions at any time. Our decision on all matters relating to or in connection with mobile promotions shall be final. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.

9. MyRepublic Mobile Agreement terms and conditions (available here) shall apply to this promotion.

Last Updated: 6 July 2021