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MySafe Parental Control Software Terms & Conditions
  • MyRepublic offers you a one-time free six (6) month trial of MySafe Parental Control product, starting from the date you accept these Terms and Conditions of Free Trial. To qualify, you must be either a new or existing subscriber of MyRepublic fibre broadband services.
  • The MySafe Parental Control product will be applied to your fibre broadband connection. Any settings or filters on MySafe Parental Control product will apply to all computers and devices using your fibre broadband connection.
  • If you are using either the MyRepublic Ultra or GAMER Dual Fibre plan, Parental Control will be applied to the first line of your fibre broadband account, or Port 1 of your ONT.
  • Notwithstanding anything in our General Terms & Conditions, MyRepublic is not responsible for any content blocked by MySafe Parental Control product nor for any liability incurred by you as a result of or relating to the use of MySafe Parental Control product.
  • Once the free 6-month trial is activated and enabled, you are considered to have enjoyed the free trial offer, even if you decide to terminate the free trial within less than 6-months of the free trial period.
  • The default settings and controls for MySafe Parental Control product are prescribed by government regulation, and implemented by the product vendor. MyRepublic does not control these settings. You acknowledge and accept the settings and filters in the MySafe Parental Control product.
  • We provide reasonable technical support to you with respect to filtering arrangements for the duration of the trial. You may contact us with respect to such technical support at mys[email protected]
  • Prior to the end of the six-month free trial, we will send you a reminder offering you the paid service. You agree that we may send you such reminders via any of your contact details in our records.
  • If you do not take up the paid subscription within the given time provided in the reminder, the free trial product will automatically deactivate.
  • If you take up the paid subscription, this will begin after the free trial period has ended. The charge is $1.99 per month with an activation fee of $1.99, inclusive of GST.
  • Our Standard Promotion Terms & Conditions shall apply.
  • Our General Terms & Conditions shall apply.
  • Where there is any conflict or ambiguity between the various terms and conditions, a term contained in a document higher in the following list shall have priority over one contained in a document lower in the same list:
    • These Terms & Conditions of Free Trial;
    • The Standard Promotion Terms & Conditions; and
    • The General Terms & Conditions.