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MyRepublic, Cisco Meraki Launch A Full Networking Solution

10 May 2018, Singapore – In partnership with Cisco Meraki, MyRepublic has launched MyRepublic Connected Business, a streamlined networking solution designed to meet the end-to-end needs of Retail, F&B and Hospitality businesses.

In today’s digital landscape, managing a growing business in these sectors means dealing with challenges on a number of fronts. Opening new outlets is expensive, especially when a business needs to procure new IT equipment and hire manpower to securely manage their business network. Complimentary Wi-Fi has rapidly gone from being an amenity to a necessity for attracting customers and staying competitive.

As a business expands, central management across different outlets is needed to ensure a consistent customer experience. New products or offers also need to be rolled out across outlets in a timely and secure manner. Understanding more about the customer’s behaviour is critical, as well as possessing the ability to personalise and enhance their experience.

MyRepublic Connected Business is a streamlined, end-to-end solution to address these challenges.

A Complete Business Network Architecture

Instead of relying on multiple vendors and costly IT professionals to set up a network at an outlet or branch, MyRepublic performs the role of both consultant and solutions provider.

Once a business’s requirements are mapped out, MyRepublic acts as the single contact point to manage the deployment of the network. By utilizing Cisco Meraki technology, MyRepublic Connected Business is able to implement a large number of possible solutions, including:

  • Secure and intelligent next-generation firewall services, leveraging a comprehensive security platform that delivers secure and fast connectivity to business branches.
  • High-performance wireless network providing a powerful user experience with unmatched visibility into the network
  • Traffic and use analytics that allows insight into the network, ensuring that networks are managed at the optimum level and utilized effectively.

“MyRepublic understands many of the challenges facing businesses in the Retail, Hospitality and F&B sectors,” says Malcolm Rodrigues, MyRepublic CEO. “Our customers want and need solutions that are not just innovative, but streamlined and hassle-free. MyRepublic Connected Business is exactly that, and we are excited to work with a well-established partner like Cisco Meraki to resolve these challenges.”

Subscribers to MyRepublic Connected Business will benefit from its feature-rich architecture, which centrally and securely connects and manages all the devices a business needs, including wireless access points, security cameras, VoIP phones, network switches and more.

“Companies across Southeast Asia are focused on digital innovation and adoption. They are turning to technology to address key business and operational challenges as they look to grow and expand. Meraki offers a comprehensive set of solutions to create a fully cloud managed IT infrastructure for our clients, helping them to simplify their operations so they can focus on growing their business,” said Naveen Menon, President for Cisco Systems in Southeast Asia. “As a service provider, MyRepublic gets a first-hand look at some of the issues that businesses face as they look to scale their operations. I believe that by combing our individual market knowledge and Meraki’s technology and solutions, we can offer compelling services to businesses across Singapore.”

“MyRepublic has been the broadband solutions provider to many business customers across all our markets,” adds Fred Rees, Managing Director of MyRepublic Business Solutions. “It’s through our intimate working relationships with them that we see the growing need for a smarter, more streamlined way of deploying business networks.”


One of the fastest growing telecom providers in the Asia Pacific and the first powered by a regional TelcoTech cloud platform, MyRepublic is a leader in digital transformation and Next Generation networking solutions.

With operations across Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, MyRepublic Business Solutions offers managed services and support for global businesses from a single point of contact.