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How do I arrange to move my service to a new address?

My address is now nbn™ ready and I have ADSL, can I move over to the nbn™?

Moving from ADSL to nbn™

If your address becomes serviceable for nbn™  it is an easy transition.

  • Your contract will continue, but an admin fee will apply.
  • Your Wi-Fi Hub+ works on both ADSL & nbn™ so no need to change your hardware or reset your Wi-Fi devices.
  • If you have had a letter from nbn™ informing you that nbn™ is available in your neighbourhood- simply contact us so we can organise the change over to your new nbn™ service.


Can I use a security system on my Broadband connection?

  • Yes, please check that your security system is Internet Protocol (IP) enabled.

Can I use a fax machine on my Broadband connection?

  • Yes, please check that your fax machine is Internet Protocol (IP) enabled.


Additional One-Off Charges

The following one-off additional charges may apply to your service.

Charge Type Price (inc GST)
nbn™ New Development Charge $300.00
nbn™ Subsequent Installation Charge $300.00
Relocation or Move House Charge $69.00
Service Re-connection Charge $69.00
No Fault Found Charge $220.00
Early Termination Charge $199.00 on a 12-month term
$0.00 on a month to month term
Modem Recovery Charge $98.00 on a 12-month term
$0.00 on a month to month term
Late Payment Charge $10

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Who can enter the Gigatown Competition?

  • Anyone 18+ and an Australian resident can enter the competition by the 31st May 2017.

Do you have to purchase something to be able to enter?

  • No purchase necessary, this competition is free to enter.

How do I know if I am in prize category A or B?

  • You must be in an eligible nbn™ Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) area to be Category A. There are 1.5 million premises who are FTTP, if you aren’t in Category A, you are in Category B.

How fast will 1Gbps speeds give me?

  • Like all products, these are based on nominal access speeds from our wholesale provider nbn™, hence it may not be physically possible to achieve the full 1Gbps speed, however being FTTP, the achievable speeds will be lighting fast!

If I am not a MyRepublic customer in Gigatown, can I still connect on the 1Gbps plan?

  • MyRepublic will be opening up a limited number of connections to non MyRepublic customers when we launch Gigatown. Non successful competition entrants in that town will be offered this first.

How do I know if I am a Category A or Category B winner?

We will contact the winner via phone and email. The name of the winner will also be published on our facebook page and our website at on the 2nd June 2017.

If I am the Category A winner – when will I receive my 1Gbps service?

Our engineers will be working to upgrade our network to support speeds of up to 1Gbps throughout June. We will notify you when your upgrade has occurred in July and you can start to see your Ultra-Fast speeds of up to 1Gbps!

How will an existing MyRepublic customer in Wollongong know if they are getting an upgrade or not?

  • 100 existing MyRepublic customers who signed up to our service before the 1st of June who are within a 10Km radius of the winner will receive communication by the 18th of June 2017 if they will receive their complementary upgrade.
  • If a Wollongong customer is not within the 10KM but is on an FTTP connection that can be upgraded to the 1Gbps plan, they can choose to pre-register for the upgrade at $129.99 per month (instead of their existing $59.99/$69.99 per month). Register here.

How did we choose the winners?

  • The Gigatown competition was a game of skill.
  • The winner of Category A was the winning answer that was chosen from all eligible Locations which had FTTP connections that could receive the nbn™ 1Gbps service.
  • The neighbours who will receive a free upgrade were MyRepublic customers who were within a 10KM radius of the winner.
  • The winner of category B, was based on the winning answer from all other entries.

What happens to customers who pre-register for the $129.99 1Gbps Plan?

  • MyRepublic will contact these customers in late June to advise if they are eligible for the 1Gbps plan.
  • Eligible customers must be on an FTTP Connection on the Wollongong CSA to be eligible and within the first 200 customer to apply for an upgrade.