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Upgrade to Fibre Pro

Have you been enjoying lightening fast Fibre Pro?

Exclusive offer for selected MyRepublic customers:

Upgrade to the Unlimited Ultra-Fast Fibre Pro plan for just $89.99 per month.

Alternatively, if you want to continue on your existing Fibre 100, no action needed, we will downgrade your service to Fibre 100 around the 31st July 2018, your MyRepublic monthly invoice will remain the same.

Fibre Pro




up to 950Mbps up to 500Mbps
  • Unlimited Data
  • Keep your existing modem
  • Continue on your existing contract


There will be no changes to your contract term. Your contract term will roll over to your Fibre Pro service.

Full information is available in the CIS document.

Speed can be affected by many factors such as:

  • Hardware: You will need a modem capable of connecting you to Fibre Pro which can handle the high speeds available to you. MyRepublic provides a choice of an AC1600 Wi-Fi Hub+ or upgrade to an Dlink EXO AC2600 modem. In large premises or in buildings with thick walls, Wi-Fi performance can often be the slow point in a fibre connection, for optimum performance we recommend connecting directly to your modem via an Ethernet cable.
  • Network links: External network factors such as physical location of the host computer, and global Internet link between MyRepublic and the destination. This includes the backhaul network between your premises and MyRepublic and whether there is congestion on domestic and international links during peak periods.
  • Software: There are many applications and programs that access the internet. These may be running in the background on your device which can use up some of your accessible bandwidth.
  • Multiple Users on your connection and the applications being used. The more simultaneous streaming, gaming and downloads will affect the amount of bandwidth available to your connection, but with Fibre Pro- you have lots of bandwidth to go round even the largest homes.