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Upgrade to Fibre Pro

We recently wrote to you to inform you about our new plans and pricing. Below you will find more information, including detailed plan inclusions.

Upgrade to Fibre Pro for $89.99/month on a no lock-in contract (normally $99.99/month).
Alternatively, stay on Fibre 100 for $74.99/month when you re-contract on a 12-month contract term.

Hardware upgrade:
You can also upgrade your modem to the D-Link EXO AC2600 for $99.99 (RRP: $399.99) when you re-contract your plan on Fibre 100 on a 12-month contract term.

Simply complete the form below, the only choice to make is which plan suits your household.

Fibre Pro




up to 950Mbps up to 500Mbps
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-In Contract
  • Keep your existing modem or  upgrade to the D-Link EXO AC2600 for $199.99 plus $14.95 delivery
Upgrade to Fibre Pro

 Fibre 100




up to 100Mbps up to 20Mbps
  • Unlimited Data
  • New 12 Month Term
  • Keep your existing modem or upgrade to the D-Link EXO AC2600 for $99.99 plus $14.95 delivery
  • Up to $240 Early Termination Fee
Re-contract to Fibre 100
 Home Phone
Kiwi Landlines
Local calls Included
National calls 500 National Mins, then 10¢ /min
Mobile calls 10¢ /min
International call rates International rates


D-Link EXO DIR-882

$99.99 on a 12 month plan | $199.99 upfront on a no lock-in contract
Plus $14.95 delivery fee.

  • AC2600 MU MIMO technology, ideal for large and multi-storey homes
  • Wi-Fi Smart Beam technology that tracks your connected devices for enhanced Wi-Fi speeds
  • Select from 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency
  • Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously
  • High performance 3.0 and High speed 2.0 Media Sharing USB Ports
  • 4 Ethernet ports & 1 WAN port

Plan selection form

Enter  your details in the form below to select your new Fibre plan


We aim to dispatch new modems within 3 working days- we will send you a text message when this has been dispatched with your tracking code.

If you have a payment card pre-registered with MyRepublic, we will debit the cost of this before we dispatch your modem, if you pay by direct debit, one of the MyRepublic team will call you to take payment.

We will send the new modem to your home address, please note this will have to be signed for- if you aren’t home you can pick this up from your local courier depot once you receive a missed delivery card.

If you sign a new contract, you are committing to being a MyRepublic customer for the next 12 months, if you terminate your new contract before the end of your new 12 month term, you will be required to pay Early Termination Fees.  Full information is available in the CIS document.

Speed can be affected by many factors such as:

  • Hardware: You will need a modem capable of connecting you to Fibre Pro which can handle the high speeds available to you. MyRepublic provides a choice of an AC1600 Wi-Fi Hub+ or upgrade to an Dlink EXO AC2600 modem. In large premises or in buildings with thick walls, Wi-Fi performance can often be the slow point in a fibre connection, for optimum performance we recommend connecting directly to your modem via an Ethernet cable.
  • Network links: External network factors such as physical location of the host computer, and global Internet link between MyRepublic and the destination. This includes the backhaul network between your premises and MyRepublic and whether there is congestion on domestic and international links during peak periods.
  • Software: There are many applications and programs that access the internet. These may be running in the background on your device which can use up some of your accessible bandwidth.
  • Multiple Users on your connection and the applications being used. The more simultaneous streaming, gaming and downloads will affect the amount of bandwidth available to your connection, but with Fibre Pro- you have lots of bandwidth to go round even the largest homes.

Upgrading to Fibre Pro will only impact the speed of your internet connection. All other service such as home phone, Gamer, and Static IP will stay the same.

You have the option to add Gamer when selecting your new plan.