How the Swiftpoint Z will outperform your gaming mouse

Across the globe, gamers are hunting for products that will not only give them an edge over the competition, but also differentiate their gaming style. Do you need a proven mouse that’s stood up to the competition and even taken the CES Best Gaming Innovation of 2017 award? This accolade was awarded to a small Antipodean company. Enter the Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse.

The Swiftpoint Z is built to last with a three-year hardware warranty. It offers gamers the functionality of a gyroscope, joystick, accelerometer, Force Sensor, OLED display, 50+ button combos plus tactile feedback and is lightning fast to lower your latency.

Transforming your gaming experience

It took three years of development and a Kickstarter-funded prototype to get the Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse off the ground. It’s compatible with most games and applications on PC and it’s been a game changer, and not just for gamers. It’s also great for home and office power users, like graphic designers, who have found the Swiftpoint Z delivers an intuitive way to rotate their 3D models in CAD applications.

The Swiftpoint Z is built to give you the best gaming experience no matter your genre. It offers precision, speed and intuitive control whether you’re driving, flying or running away from zombies.

PC Game Examiner described this mouse as “hands-down the coolest, most innovative and craziest gaming mouse I’ve ever seen in nearly a decade of reviewing PC gaming mice and peripherals”. Here’s a video to get a sense of how it works.

If you’re still not convinced, read on to learn more about how you can up your game with the Swiftpoint Z’s unique functionality and design.

Play longer

Your playing style is unique, so why should you have an off-the-shelf mouse? The Swiftpoint Z is built for comfort for long sessions. You know which buttons you use the most, so this mouse lets you customise them to fit your hand and grip style. Extensive research went into its ergonomic design, which means you’ve got that competitive advantage over other players for a longer period of time. It’s not just about luck.

Unleash mightier attacks

If you’re playing a first-person shooter like Call of Duty or Overwatch you want to be able to get into the thick of the action. Using the Deep Click functionality you can bring up your scope, zoom in, and steady your sights all with one finger, allowing you to get a perfect long range headshot. Achieve all this and more simply by pressing the trigger button harder. The technology works on tactile vibration feedback meaning the buttons sense how hard you press.

Direct free-form control

With the Swiftpoint Z you get the accuracy of keyboard and mouse, with the freedom of a console controller. Switch between foot and vehicle controls with ease and get the advantage against enemy NPC’s in first-person shooters like Far Cry 5. Whether your vehicle of choice is a boat, plane or helicopter, you can pitch, roll, and tilt to enjoy the benefits of a physical joystick packed into the Swiftpoint Z.

At one with the force

Immerse yourself in your chosen world with 18 customisable buttons. You’ll gain the upper-hand against your opponents by customising button-functions to cast your favourite spells with a single click. Whether you’re a Night Elf mage in World of Warcraft or a Dunmer Rogue in Elder Scrolls Online you won’t be left scrambling for the right button combination to take down that boss.

Giving you a fuller DPI range

DPI gets a fair bit of focus among gamers. The Swiftpoint Z has the latest 5G Pixart sensor, boosting the resolution up to 12,000 DPI. This means you can do insanely fast flick shots, or dial it back to 200 DPI to get unparalleled precision. When you want to go in for the kill and take that sniper shot in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll have that chicken dinner in no time.