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MyRepublic Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) Terms & Conditions

These Corporate Individual Scheme (“CIS”) Terms & Conditions apply in addition to the MyRepublic mobile Agreement. They set out the basis on which we will provide CIS mobile plans to you. Please read these CIS Terms & Conditions carefully, as you agree to be bound by them. In case of any conflict of inconsistency between the CIS Terms & Conditions and Agreement, the Agreement will prevail.

  1. Definitions
  2. Definitions: Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms used in this CIS Terms & Conditions have the same meaning as given to them in the Agreement. In addition, in these CIS Terms & Conditions:

    CIS Organisation: companies or organisations participating in MyRepublic Corporate Individual Scheme.

    BizPal: features, services and Charges that we may offer to you under CIS.

  3. Eligibility for CIS
  4. 2.1.  In order to be eligible for Services under CIS, you must:

    1. subscribe to a new MyRepublic mobile plan;
    2. be eligible under Clause 3.1 if the Mobile General Terms & Conditions;
    3. be an employee of a CIS Organisation;
    4. provide valid employee pass or ID and corporate email, with such companies or organisations with your CIS Application; and
    5. provide an eligible CIS code with your CIS Application.

    2.2.  We reserve the right to decline or cancel your CIS Application at our discretion. We may impose additional conditions of accepting your Application. We will not be liable for declining your CIS Application.

  5. CIS Commencement & Transfer Service
  6. 3.1   Your Service and CIS Charges shall commence in the manner set out in the Mobile General Terms & Conditions.

    3.2   You may choose to transfer to other MyRepublic Mobile Plans published on our Website upon the termination your CIS eligibility.

  7. CIS
  8. 4.1   You agree that the Services and Charges provided under CIS are only applicable to you so long you are under the employment of the CIS Organisation stated in your Application. Such Services and Charges may cease to apply to you if you are no longer employed by the CIS Organisation.

  9. Changes to CIS
  10. 5.1    From time to time, we may improve, change, modify, delete, or withdraw any part of CIS or these CIS Terms & Conditions without notice (“Change”). We will always try to give you at least seven (7) days’ prior notice of any material Change. The Change will also be published on our Website. The Change shall take effect as from the date specified in such notice. If you use or continue using the Services after the change takes effected, that means you have accepted the Change.

Publication date 14 September 2018