Terms and Policies
Home Passed Promotion
  • This promotion is based on a 24-month contract for MyRepublic ULTRA at $49.99/month.
  • This promotion is not valid with other promotions.
  • This promotion can only be be applied towards offsetting the cost of the NetLink Trust (formerly known as OpenNet) Termination Point (TP) installation fee charged under the same address as your MyRepublic.
  • The NetLink Trust cost of $235.40 will be charged for the TP installation for High-Rise properties and this amount will credited to your MyRepublic account.
  • For Landed properties, an additional $246.10 will be charged on top of the $235.40 to cover the full NetLink Trust TP installation fee. Only the $235.40 will be credited to your account.
  • The one-time standard service activation charge of $58 applies under this promotion.
  • The included free $70 router discount is for use during sign-up only.
  • All prices shown here are inclusive of GST.
  • Discount rates are valid for the duration of the contract, thereafter the plan’s Usual subscription price of $69.99/month for ULTRA applies after contract plan ends.
  • One-time charges may apply. See: List of One-Time Service Charges.
  • Please refer here for general terms and conditions.