Terms and Policies


Dual Fibre Broadband Terms & Conditions
  • Based on a 24-month contract for Dual Fibre Broadband.
  • Subscription for Dual Fibre Ultra Broadband is $59.99/month, and $69.99/month for Dual Fibre GAMER Broadband (Usual price is $69.99/month for Dual Fibre Ultra and $79.99/month for Dual Fibre GAMER which applies after your contract ends).
  • For Dual Ultra Plan, free 1 month applies to recontracting customers. For Dual GAMER Plan, free 1 month and waiver of the standard service activation charge ($53.50) apply to both new and recontracting customers. The free month will be applied on the 1st month of the contract. Recontracting customers on this promotion will receive no additional free months.
  • The router discount only applies to a new router purchase from MyRepublic during point of sign-up only, and is not exchangeable for cash or credit.
  • Promotion is valid for new customers. Existing customers may add-on an additional 1Gbps line to their existing 1Gbps line at $15/month using the MyAccount customer portal.
  • A one-time standard service activation charge of $53.50 will apply for Dual Ultra Plan.
  • This promotion is not valid with any other promotions.
  • Free Fibre Termination Point is only applicable to subscribers who do not have an existing Fibre Termination Point (Home Passed).
  • The NetLink Trust cost of $160.50 will be charged for the TP installation for High-Rise properties and this amount will credited to your MyRepublic account.
  • NetLink Trust will be charging a $56.71 Service Activation Charge, which will be applicable to all new sign-ups.
  • For Landed properties, an additional $128.40 will be charged on top of the$160.50 to cover the full NetLink Trust TP installation fee. Only the $160.50 will be credited to your account.
  • Standard promotional terms & conditions apply for all promotions, see here.
  • You will be charged your first month’s invoice once your order is completed (i.e. at the point of time when your service is successfully installed).

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