From 8 May 2020, MyRepublic will be discontinuing its [email protected] services. We’ve put together this FAQ to help address any questions or concerns.

What happens to the [email protected] hotspots managed by MyRepublic?

All [email protected] services at hotspots managed by MyRepublic will be discontinued. These hotspots location owners can sign up with another [email protected] provider if they choose to continue providing [email protected] services.

I registered a [email protected] profile under MyRepublic, what will happen to my account?

For MyRepublic mobile subscribers who have registered a [email protected] account using MyRepublic’s SIM card, your [email protected] account will not be affected and you can still connect to [email protected] hotspots via [email protected] network to continue using the service.

For non-MyRepublic mobile subscribers who have registered [email protected] account with MyRepublic, your [email protected] account will be de-registered from MyRepublic’s server. If you’d like to continue using [email protected] services, you can use the [email protected] app to set up your device with other operators and connect to [email protected] network.

Please refer to this article on how to set up your device.

Will this affect any other mobile or broadband services provided by MyRepublic?

No, the discontinuation of MyRepublic’s [email protected] services will not affect any other services that MyRepublic provides. If you are a current subscriber of MyRepublic’s mobile or broadband services, there will be no impact in any way.

Why is MyRepublic exiting the [email protected] programme?

MyRepublic will be focusing its efforts on its mobile and internet services to ensure the best experience for its mobile and fibre broadband subscribers.