Embark on your journey towards smart working environment with Simple, Secured and Affordable Solutions

Rethink Your Work Space with MyRepublic

In a smart technology dominated world surrounded by smart phones, smart watches and smart homes, organizations are moving away from traditional office set-up and moving towards a smart office environment to improve efficiency and productivity. With 7 simple, secured and affordable enterprise solutions, let MyRepublic be a part of your smart office transformation journey.

High Speed Broadband
– Business fibre up to 1Gbps
– Secure clean pipe

Secured Office
Manage your security with:
– Anti-virus
– Anti-spam
– Web filtering
– Apps control
– Secure email

Mobile Workforce
Mobility / IoT
– Individual
– Share pooling plan
– Asset tracking

ICT Resources

Managed Services
– Wi-Fi, CPE
– Remote Management
– Professional Services

Managed UC
– Conference
– Messaging
– Collaboration

Connected World
Managed Services
– Connecting branch

One-stop Helpdesk Support
Customer Care
– Service desk

Why Trust MyRepublic?

As a leading industry innovator, we are committed to delivering the smartest digital solutions backed by enterprise-grade support to meet your business needs. We also understand that every business is unique, which is why we are committed to working closely with every customer in understanding their specific requirements, and the evolving ICT ecosystem that they inhabit.


Robust Network Backbone

MyRepublic runs on a highly resilient ICT network backbone infrastructure that easily handles 15Gbps of customer traffic, with a total capacity of 60Gbps. Consistent network upgrading policies ensure continued optimal performance.


Global Peering

MyRepublic has direct connections with several major carriers and over 50 peering partners worldwide.


Resilient Architecture

MyRepublic network architecture is equipped by recognised industry leaders Juniper and Nokia Corporation.


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