Switching from Traditional to Digital?

Fast track your digital transformation with MyRepublic!
Calling all IT Managers…

As the IT manager of your organization, are you constantly faced with slow internet connectivity issues, and as a result, limiting your businesses’ operational efficiency?

Worry not, we are here to help. With our suite of delicately crated Enterprise Business Solutions, MyRepublic has been serving the SMEs, SME+, Start-ups and Soho businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Building a business that is resilient enough for the fast-moving digital future can be a daunting task. At MyRepublic, we understand that every company is unique and we are here to partner with you to simplify your digital transformation processes with our worry-free enterprise business solutions.

Why MyRepublic

The Way We Do Business

  • Robust network backbone – a highly resilient ICT network infrastructure that easily handles 15Gbps of customer traffic
  • Direct connections with several major carriers and over 50 peering partners worldwide
  • Resilient architecture – Equipped by recognized industry leaders Juniper and Nokia Corporation
High Performance Network

  • Maintains a congestion-free network through intelligent design and planning
  • Different types of network traffic are managed intelligently to ensure optimal speeds for real-time applications
  • Maintains direct connections into Top Tier global service providers, ensuring minimal latency and packet loss
High Performance Network

  • Safeguards your business continuity with a specialized network operation centre (NOC) team
  • Dedicated 24/7 enterprise customer service team ready to respond to your queries within minutes and to activate personnel for on-site support quickly when necessary
  • Proactive monitoring of performance levels, ensuring optimal uptime, speed and latency
Ready to take the first step to going digital?

Digitization is rapidly changing the B2B industry, and it’s crucial that companies respond to these challenges and embrace digital transformation. For a start, we have compiled the six must-do’s for the move to digital, click here to download the e-book!