fibre broadband router

Double Your Wi-Fi Coverage with Dual Fibre Broadband 1Gbps from $59.99/mth

  • 2 x 1Gbps fibre connections to your home for $59.99/mth
  • With 2 Wi-Fi routers, ideal for larger / multi-storey residences
  • FREE home phone line with unlimited local calls
  • FREE TP Installation (worth up to $160.50) for new customers
  • $500 off on 2 new routers (max. $250 per router), $700 discount (max. $350 per router) for Dual Fibre GAMER
  • Dual Fibre Ultra: $59.99/mth
  • Dual Fibre GAMER: $69.99/mth
  • $53.50 Service Installation Fee
  • $56.71 NLT Service Activation Fee
  • MyRepublic Broadband subscribers enjoy up to 8GB bonus data when they sign up for MyRepublic Mobile!
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