At MyRepublic we are all about delivering the ultimate internet experience. We believe that means 100Mbps unlimited fibre broadband.  This means everyone in your house can stream, surf and browse what they want, when they want and #UnleashAwesome!

If there’s no fibre in your street you can sign-up to Boost VDSL. MyRepublic Boost VDSL is only available on a 24 month plan but when your address is fibre ready, we will transition you to fibre for free within that 24 month term.

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Promo Code: CEOSpecial
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Fibre 100Mbps

$ 75

Per Month (12 Month Contract)
  • 100Mbps Download
  • 20Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Data
  • FREE Router
  • FREE Voice
  • FREE Standard Install
  • Save $288
  • Unleash Awesome!

Boost VDSL

$ 75

Per Month (24 Month Contract)
  • Up to 70Mbps Download
  • Up to 10Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Data
  • FREE Modem
  • FREE Voice
  • FREE Standard Install
  • Save $450
  • Fibre steping stone. VDSL to fibre switchover.

We’re New Zealand’s fibre broadband experts. Our plans are truly unlimited and we’re ready to unleash the potential of our fibre broadband network from Whangarei up north to Invercargill down in south. We believe in delivering an awesome internet experience for all kiwis at mass market prices. All this with no lag, no limits and no holding back.

With the amazing potential of fibre broadband, data caps are a thing of the past. Built and managed properly, a fibre broadband network has more than enough bandwidth for everyday use without compromising performance.

To take advantage of this great offer simply sign-up here with promo code CEOSpecial on step 2.

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Promo Code: CEOSpecial


Terms and Conditions apply: If you leave your employment within The Warehouse Group, your monthly rate will revert to the current in-market rate for the plan you are on at that time, either 12 Month Pure Fibre or 24 Month Boost VDSL. There is a maximum of 1 connection per Employee ID. Standard Early Termination Fees apply. This offer is intended for the employee not transferable. Full terms and conditions here.