Gamer Ultra Fibre

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MyRepublic GAMER offers you an arsenal of features for that extra edge.

No Peak Time Lag

We buy more bandwidth per user than any other national ISP, to ensure you never experience peak time latency or speed issues. No throttling here!

Latency Monitoring Graphs

Track the latency performance of your favourite games on our network with our exclusive latency graphs.

Ultra-Low Latency

We regularly monitor the network routes to major overseas game servers, ensuring low, consistent latency for popular games.

Get Up to Speed. Track Your Latency.

On the MyRepublic network, we constantly monitor how our international routes are doing. Now you can view them too. GAMER’s latency monitoring graphs allow you to view our latency to individual game servers, to keep you up-to-date on how well your connection should be performing.

View Latency Graphs