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With MyRepublic Fibre Broadband, get the ultimate internet experience.



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Purpose-Built For
The Best Fibre

The MyRepublic network is built from the ground up to bring out the full awesome potential of ultra-fast broadband. We’ve purposefully designed it to deliver consistent speeds throughout the day and to protect traffic that needs to move fast, like video streaming and online gaming.

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Engineered for Gaming.
Designed for Winning.

Free from Interference by Downloads and Other Apps

Your online gaming is never impacted by peak hour congestion from other users doing heavy downloading.

Ultra-Fast Downloading of Game Files and Patches

Game file larger than 20 gigs? No worries. There’s just enough time to grab a quick shower and then get down to playing.

Optimized Gaming Experience

Get the extra edge to kick ass, whether here or in games hosted overseas.

Connect with the
World from the
Comfort of Home.

Best-in-Town International Calling Rates

MyRepublic Home Voice offers some of the best rates in town including 5c/minute calls to China, USA and India.

Power Your HD Video Calls

No more awkward video calls with MyRepublic. Awesome quality video calls all the time.

Bring Your Number Over

Had your number forever? No worries! Bring your existing home phone number over.

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Faster Downloads
Faster Sharing
Faster Syncing

No Throttling. Ever.

Why would we? MyRepublic are all about delivering you the ultimate internet experience.

Ultra-Fast Downloads

Like living life in the fast lane? Download in minutes with the power of MyRepublic Fibre Broadband.

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