Customer Service Representative

Position: Full Time

Location: Newmarket, Auckland

About the role:

In this role you will be responsible for consistently delivering high quality and seamless service to customers through the 0508 MYFIBRE consumer contact centre and 0508 710 010 business contact centre by:

  • Handling Technical/Billing and Installation Queries until resolution.
  • Delivering consistent customer satisfaction and first call resolution on every interaction with a customer (verbal/written communication).

The team you will join is exceptionally committed to delivering excellent service at all times and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. You will have the ability to proactively manage any issues and see them through to resolution.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Managing, coordinating and resolving Incidents & service requests as quickly as possible, drive and improve service to and on behalf of the business
  • Making an initial assessment of requests, attempting to resolve them or refer them to someone who can, based on agreed service levels
  • Managing customer provisioning and fault jeopardy conditions
  • Reporting compilation, develops improvement plan for critical service issues where necessary
  • Attending to inbound calls regarding all products and services
  • Keeping Customers informed on request status and progress
  • Recording all feedback received before forwarding them to the relevant channels for improvement

How to apply

Send your CV to [email protected]